MIT suspends the Coalition Against Apartheid

Kornbluth’s administration suspends the CAA for violating Institute policy.


Dialogues Across Differences: Pamela Nadell hosts panel on understanding antisemitism

Nadell’s panel on Antisemitism consisted of her talk followed by a fireside chat with Vice Provost Richard Lester and a subsequent Q&A session with the audience.


Annual Festival of Learning discusses applications of generative artificial intelligence inside and outside of the classroom

Dozens congregated to hear panelists discuss how they implement GenAI in their classrooms or research.


MIT releases 2024 Quality of Life Survey

In an email dated Feb. 15, President Sally Kornbluth encouraged the MIT community to complete the 2024 MIT Quality of Life Survey.

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Professor Moungi Bawendi delivers his Nobel Lecture in Huntington Hall, Thursday, February 8 JADE CHONGSATHAPORNPONG - THE TECH

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Feb. 26. Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of University of California Berkeley School of Law, will hold a panel is titled: “Campus Freedom of Expression: Antisemitism and Current Controversies.” This is the second panel in the series Dialogues Across Differences.


In Memoriam: Igor Paul

Professor Emeritus Igor Paul ’60, SM’61, PhD’64 passed away Dec. 17, 2023 in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Sports Blitz

Saturday, February 10th:


In Memoriam: Ken Johnson, Jr.

Ken Johnson Jr., Director of DAPER Communications Promotions and Marketing, passed away on Feb. 12. Johnson was in his eighth season at MIT.


Lessons Learned from Moungi Bawendi’s Nobel Lecture

Even after winning the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Bawendi says that he still needs to “learn more.”


Growing concerns about the safety of the MIT community

We have watched with disappointment and unease over the past weeks as the Institute has reacted disproportionately to student activists, as it stifled the voices of our student community members, and as the Coalition Against Apartheid’s guest posts on the MIT Student Life Instagram page led to the page being shut down within hours, all despite Israeli flags lining the windows of the Engineering Building along Massachusetts Avenue for weeks before they were removed. 

movie review

20 Days in Mariupol is a harrowing account of Ukrainian suffering at the hands of Russia

ears after the documentary was filmed, the war rages on, having killed tens of thousands of Ukrainians (including civilians) and displaced 10 million more. Yet American politicians still debate the validity of Russia's invasion or the need for international aid to Ukraine, making 20 Days in Mariupol a critical, grounding voice for what this war actually looks like.

book review

Fussy, delightful prose, and convincing folklore: Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries by Heather Fawcett

In this romantic historical fantasy, Fawcett sharpens whimsy to a swordpoint with an endearing stuffy faerie lore researcher, a capricious dandy love interest, and sentences that make you laugh out loud.

10306 tt v144 n2 ring premiere 4
The stage is set as RingComm '26 prepares to premiere this year's Brass Rat on Saturday, February 10th. Omar Orozco–The Tech
concert review

A beautifully rendered masterpiece: Ólafsson performs Bach’s Goldberg Variations

A classical concert may not be everyone’s top choice for a weekend diversion. However, it should be.

three questions

Celina Zhao ’24 shares her journey in science journalism

Explaining scientific concepts can be hard. But Celina Zhao '24 makes it look easy.

Campus Life

Saying Goodbye

So, I guess, the difficulty in saying goodbye is accepting the change?

vivian’s reflections

GTL Italy Taught Me about Finding a Shared Humanity

The truth is that GTL Italy was one of the loneliest times in my life, but also one of the most meaningful experiences I had.


Windy Weekend Ahead, Great Opportunity to Tidy Up

As the spring semester gets underway, we’re warming up a bit but it’s still pretty cold out there. There looks to be rain on Friday and the weekend opens up to some wind, especially on Saturday. With the recent announcement of Health and Safety Inspections to start happening again soon, the wind and rain in the next couple days is a good excuse to stay in and make sure your living space is following all of the guidelines!

10309 xfair
Students talk with potential employers at the 2024 xFair in the Samberg Conference Center Friday, February 9. Alexa Simao–The Tech
10300 projxpo
A student demonstrates their drawing maching at the 2024 ProjXpo in the Samberg Conference Center Friday, February 9. Alexa Simao–The Tech
puzzles & games

Crossword: Suburban Sprawl

This is a moderately challenging themeless puzzle.

10296 lcc x edgerton 03
The Latino Cultural Center runs a workshop with the Edgerton Center to help create a new mural and personal cups, Friday, February 9. Omar Orozco – The Tech
10298 mlk vendor
Vendors from local Black-owned businesses display their wares at the MLK week vendor market in Stata Wednesday, February 14. Alexa Simao–The Tech
10297 mlk art
The winning pieces from the 2023-2024 MLK Inspired Art & Performance Contest, as well as a community-made quilt, on display in Lobby 10 Wednesday, February 14. Alexa Simao–The Tech

The MIT community assesses strategies for reducing carbon footprint on campus

In MIT’s climate action plan “Fast Forward: MIT’s Climate Action Plan for the Decade”, the Institute demonstrated its aim to decarbonize the campus by 2050. To achieve this aim, MIT launched a new Decarbonization Working Group — a new subset of the Climate Nucleus, a faculty committee responsible for directing...

MITHenge happens from Jan. 28 to Jan. 31

MITHenge occurred from Jan. 28 to Jan. 31 at 4:48:50 p.m.. During MITHenge, the setting sun aligns with the Infinite Corridor’s entire length, a hallway approximately 823 feet long. This phenomenon occurs at two different times each year — around November 11 and January 31. 

Sunny Skies to Start the Year of the Dragon

With celebrations for the Lunar New Year upcoming, the clouds are parting giving way to a weekend full of sunny skies and warmer weather. Let the good luck breeze through with wind speeds approximately 10 mph for the festivities! The Year of the Dragon is known to bring good fortune, which...


DEI Bureaucracy Fails the Stress Test

Before we create another misguided bureaucracy—and particularly before we select the next Institute Community and Equity Officer, this failure of the existing administrative offices should be recognized by an immediate hiring freeze and a thorough examination of these programs by an objective outside party.

The ASA Should De-Recognize Groups that Deliberately Violate MIT’s Content-Neutral Policies

The resulting course of action that the ASA Board must take is clear: investigation and, if (presumably) appropriate, de-recognition of the CAA. 

Speaking out Against Genocide in Palestine and Repression of Free Speech on MIT’s Campus

We join our voices to those of our campus colleagues to demand that MIT stop repressing members of the community who are bravely giving their time and energy to advocate for an end to the violence in occupied Palestine. An institution of MIT’s caliber deserves better leadership. 


Musical Theatre Guild brings to life Chicago’s razzle and dazzle

Chicago is unapologetically gleaming and exuberant, and as bright as a resplendent star.

Corpses, bad name-based puns, and 100 pages too many: The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy by Megan Bannen

Bannen promises a lot — a hot female undertaker, a demigod patrolman and letters so hot that their writers fall in love with each other, all against the backdrop of a dangerous fantasy wild west — but her exciting premise is failed by an execution that offers the same intellectual...

10280 arts 1

Mu Lan Taiwanese Restaurant: a great Cambridge dining staple


Fall Sports Season Summary

The Engineers had an electric fall season. Here are some highlights! 

Sports Blitz

Friday, December 1st:

Sports Blitz

Friday, November 17th:


Uncovering secrets at the bottom of Earth’s oceans

From sharks that can live for up to 400 years to microbes that could be the evolutionary ancestors of all complex life on Earth: if we’ve learned anything about Earth’s oceans in the past decade, it’s how little we really know. When each year brings a new and unexpected find,...

Can scientists mimic the benefits of CBD without using cannabis?

A team of researchers has uncovered a mechanism by which CBD prevents severe epileptic seizures.

Being pre-med at MIT: Chloe McCreery ’23 and Joanna Lin ’23

Chloe McCreery ’23 and Joanna Lin ’22, both alumni of The Tech, sat down to reflect on their journeys in medicine. McCreery graduated with a degree in Biological Engineering, and is a research associate in the Engreitz Lab at Stanford Medicine. Lin graduated with degrees in Biology and French in...