Proposed restructuring would move all faculty away from Global Studies and Languages

"The basic idea is that the language instruction program (Global Languages) would remain in place — along with lecturers, senior lecturers, and staff — but that GSL faculty would move to other SHASS academic units, where their research and expertise are at home," wrote Agustin Rayo PhD ’01, associate dean of SHASS.

lab spotlight

Molding medicine with materials

The Anderson Lab designs original materials to deliver biological therapies for various disease models.

Campus Life

Sometimes in lectures, instead of learning, I am freaking out

Unlike my classmates, I could not focus on the lecture. I was instead intensely focused on an urgent optimization problem: If I wait until the end of the lecture, will it bleed through my pants?


Opening plenary of Solve discusses “Tech for Equality”

The Solve Innovation Fund will raise over $30 million from tax-deductible gifts to make debt and equity investments in for-profit Solver teams. All returns will be reinvested into future Solver teams.

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MIT students celebrate "Bananaversary" for the Compton Lounge's one-year anniversary by holding a banana bread baking contest and giving away chocolate frozen banana treats May 3. Malte Ahrens
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Members of MIT Rambax led by Lamine Touré perform a variety of drum and dance routines, known as sabar, on the steps of the Stratton Student Center May 4. Kevin Ly–The Tech

Study space reopened on Student Center fifth floor

The new space has four Athena computers. There are multiple tables, which can be moved around to make larger tables. Additional light fixtures have been installed.

guest column

Lack of ambition for next year’s Climate Symposia

Been there, done that. No need to discourse at large on these hackneyed topics.


Plague and despair

There are lots of ways to be a student here. It seems unlikely all of them would make you miserable.

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Tianyi Zeng G performs 'Sha Tan' by David Tao at Synconfessions Saturday. Ethan Sit–The Tech
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The Ohms present 'Avengers: Ohmgame' Saturday, featuring heroes and villains such as Thanohms, Rupayant-Man, and Natasha Rohmanoff. Ethan Sit–The Tech
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The Muses perform in 10-250 Friday. Kevin Ly–The Tech
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Melody Phu '21 performs 'I Need U' by BTS at Synconfessions Saturday. Ethan Sit–The Tech
9046 acapella 1   kevin ly
The Asymptones perform in 10-250 Friday. Kevin Ly–The Tech
9049 acapellaa 5   nathan liang
The MIT Video Game Orchestra performs at 'Resomon' Friday. Nathan Liang–The Tech

End-of-term subject evaluations, move-out date

Remember to check your syllabi report any end-of-term violations to the UA by visiting or to the chair of the faculty at

Half-term subject drop date, syllabus violations, fall pre-registration

The deadline to drop half-term subjects offered in second half of term is today.

Course 7 degree requirements altered

The changes consolidate Courses 7 and 7-A into one major. They are meant to accommodate the increasing number of students pursuing interdisciplinary majors or participating in UROPs.


Everyday lies incentivized by funding sources

Research money impacts what any university works on, and MIT is no exception. Sometimes MIT spends a lot of money focusing on low-impact problems because of who holds the purse strings.

An open letter to the MIT Corporation concerning MIT’s ongoing relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

"We object to MIT’s ongoing relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in our name."

Vice President for Research responds to column on postdocs and sexual harassment

"Working together on these initiatives will strengthen the Institute’s approach to preventing sexual harassment in any MIT learning or working environment."

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Head of the Charles Regatta 2018

MIT Cricket runners up in American College Cricket Northeast Championship 2018

MIT Cricket recovered from a crushing loss against Northeastern in the first league game but missed out narrowly in the final to finish as runners-up in the American College Cricket North East Championship held Oct. 6 and 7 in Queens, NY.

MIT Cricket beats UMass Lowell by six wickets in thrilling last ball encounter

In a game that had its fair share of twists and turns, MIT emerged victorious thanks to an excellent all-around bowling performance and a half-century by Vaikkunth Mugunthan G.

Campus Life

What to expect when you’re expecting… to come to MIT

The opportunity to really follow your passions without too much to lose — that is a tremendous privilege, a freedom that few human beings in history have had. Do not waste it by following along with what everyone else wants just because everyone else wants it.

Talk, talk, talk

You can change your friends, but you should also probably change your thinking.

Participate in a UROP

During my freshman summer UROP, I spent one of my most fun and adventurous days helping set up a computer cluster for my lab at the Bates Research and Engineering Center.


This is your brain on cannabis

Charles Broderick SM’19, MEng ‘20 has made a $9M gift to MIT and Harvard Medical School to support basic science research into the effects of cannabis on the brain.

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Direct images of black hole taken for the first time

Taking advantage of the human genome

Manolis Kellis, professor of computer science, applies his computer science background to find unique solutions to problems in biology.