UA, GSC finalize members for two new student committees

The Undergraduate Association and Graduate Student Council selected student members for two newly-created committees, the Student Committee on Guidelines for Outside Engagements and the Student Committee on Campus Climate and Policies around Discrimination and Misconduct Nov. 12. Five undergraduate and five graduate student members were selected for each committee from a final pool of ten undergraduates and ten graduates.


Hayden library to close for renovations Dec. 19

The last day to browse or request Hayden’s general book collections will be Dec. 15.

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Students make an army of snowmen on Killian Court as MIT weathers its first snowstorm of the season Tuesday.

Six faculty members elected AAAS fellows

In an email to The Tech, Lauffenburger wrote, “To me the central significance of this honor is its recognition of contributions to the advancement of science broadly, in my case predominantly the creation of biological engineering here at MIT.”

guest column

Seth Lloyd should continue teaching at MIT

How can MIT expect to avoid catastrophes like this Epstein situation in the future, if it incentivizes faculty not to confront and apologize for any moral failings they feel they have been involved with?

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MIT Doodles #7 Raphi Kang '23
movie review

God’s Rottweiler meets God’s Labrador

The centerpiece of the film is a series of sometimes heated, sometimes touching tête-a-têtes between the two seminarians. The spotlight is trained on Bergoglio, the “lowly but chosen” Argentinian bishop and our current Pope, whose life story we are privy to through a series of flashbacks.

lab spotlight

Starving cancer by controlling cell proliferation

According to Matthew Vander Heiden, associate professor of biology, the key to addressing the challenge of cancer treatment is understanding the metabolism of mammalian cells.

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Dr. Vander Heiden and one of his PhD students review data in the lab. Courtesy of Vander Heiden Lab
9265 little joe   liane xu
Emily Beecham delivers a stunning performance in 'Little Joe,' but it's not enough to keep the movie on track. Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures
movie review

‘Little Joe’ incites little horror

When I finished 'Little Joe,' I thought about all that the film could have been. Emily Beecham delivers a spectacular performance; what a shame that the movie as a whole could not achieve that same level of subtlety.

9266 sparklite   liane xu
The finding and collecting of musical Beats is an endearing side quest in 'Sparklite.' COURTESY OF RED BLUE GAMES
video game review

Whack, dash, die, upgrade, repeat

Inspired by the ‘Legend of Zelda’ franchise, ‘Sparklite’ is an adorable and fun addition to the roguelike genre. The developers had the idea of framing it as an “approachable roguelike,” taking inspiration from ‘Rogue Legacy’ in the game’s mechanics and fitting the game onto an adventure story-based premise.

9267 dsc 0288
Students enjoy free food, mugs, and group performances at Tech Twinkles, hosted by the Undergraduate Association Tuesday in La Sala. Ethan Sit–The Tech
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Boba in Lobby 10 Jaeho Kim '20
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Throwback Tuesday Max Yu '21

Winterfest, last day of classes, pre-registration

Winterfest is being held December 9 at Charles M. Vest Student Street and the Koch Institute Lobby from 3:30–5:00 p.m.

Four more MIT seniors declared 2020 Rhodes Scholars

Woltz, Vasconcelos, and Yamoah are all currently conducting research with the Engineering Quantum Systems Group in the Research Lab for Electronics.

EAPS community gathers at teach-in to discuss Shell donations to Green Building

Supran cited Shell’s donations to MIT and Chevron’s collaboration with Stanford as “the fossil fuel industry’s invisible colonization of academia.”


The case of Seth Lloyd is a microcosm of the systemic problems at MIT

We will not wait a day longer. We will not wait for these conversations to happen weeks from now, in a back room, on terms dictated by the very people who committed the relevant offenses.

Democratize MIT coalition replies to President Reif

Democratize MIT rejects Reif’s autocratic solution to funding committees.

Generating house dining plan ideas in the context of program challenges and constraints

MIT’s dining system runs at a deficit, making reinvestment difficult. This leads to a decrease in the meal plan’s perceived value, an increase in dissatisfaction among mandatory subscribers, and further limits participation and the dining program’s sustainability.


Goofs and ghosts galore

With a strong emphasis on theme and visuals, ‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’ offers a puzzle-filled action adventure which starts out strong, but it loses some shine along the way.

‘The Iliad’ according to your bitter, well-oiled uncle

Pulling off a two-hour one-man show is no mean feat, requiring endurance, a compelling character and/or a killer storyline. When the storyline is one of the most familiar in existence, every other aspect of the production needs to pull its weight.

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Submerged into the depths of heartache

Campus Life

Stressed-out senior

Just take a first step in a direction that seems right for you at this moment in time. Things will change, and that’s alright.

Party food and relationships

Be yourself and focus on doing what you enjoy, and things will follow.

Boredom blues

You can learn a lot from an experience even if it’s not the most ideal. Be curious and be open to possibilities.

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Targeting tumors with nanoparticles

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Thinking about other people’s thoughts

Nobel Laureate Jim Allison talks cancer research, science education, and advice for aspiring researchers

Jim Allison won the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 2018 for pioneering the use of immunotherapy against cancer. In an interview with The Tech, Allison talks about the past, present, and future of cancer research, along with giving some general advice for scientists.