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MIT President L. Rafael Reif and Chairman of the Corporation Robert Millard '73 look on as the ribbon is cut with a large pair of scissors to start off the grand opening of the MIT.nano building Oct. 4. Kevin Ly–The Tech

Tom Friedman speaks about the optimism that comes with technological advancement

Tom Friedman, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, spoke at MIT’s Compton Lecture Oct. 1 about his most recent book, ‘Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations.’


Ready for it?

How do you know if it was a date without asking? (You don’t.) And should you apply to software engineering internships? (Only if you want to do software engineering.)


Foundations are in place for three of six Kendall Square sites

The latest updates on the Kendall Square Initiative include complete foundations and concrete and steel structures at three sites: two on both sides of the Kendall Square T Station and one at 1 Broadway, across the street from building E62.


New House’s culture has changed due to renovation process, residents say

The pre-existing culture of New House before its renovations has largely been lost, according to Burhan Azeem ’19, a four-year member of iHouse, a living group in New House, in an interview with The Tech.


Rami Malek and co-stars talk Queen

The Tech interviews Rami Malek, Gwilym Lee, and Joseph Mazzello about upcoming ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ The Freddie Mercury biopic hopes to bring a deeper context of the singer’s life and the British rock band Queen’s rise to stardom.


2018 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report released

The MIT Police released their Annual Security and Fire Safety Report Sept. 28. The report contains crime statistics on criminal and Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) offenses, arrests and disciplinary referrals, and hate crimes from 2015 to 2017.

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The Decemberists perform at the Orpheum Theater Oct. 8 as part of their YOUR GIRL/YOUR GHOST Tour. Alexander
concert review

The Decemberists visit Boston in October

The Decemberists make music that is anything but typical, but exactly what you would expect from a band based out of Portland, Oregon that sings about whales.


Historic hurricane hits the Florida Panhandle

Unlike most recent Atlantic hurricanes, Michael traveled north from the Yucatan Peninsula, hitting Cuba and the Florida Panhandle on the way.

PE classes, flu shot clinics, voter registration

PE registration opened Wednesday for undergraduates. Graduate students may register starting Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 8 a.m. Registration closes for all students Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 1 p.m. First come, first served!

Add date, blood drive, Maker Break, Hacking Arts

The deadline to add a full-term subject is tomorrow. This is also the deadline to designate subjects as sophomore exploratory or junior-senior P/D/F.


Words of power, words of courage

Wherever we are, wherever those in our lives are, or wherever those in the public sphere are with the retelling of their unspeakable truths, let us hold those stories with dignity and honor.

What’s in a name?

Columbus Day celebrates a problematic individual who displaced and enslaved large populations of indigenous people. The holiday should instead honor those people who were hurt by colonization.

How was your (hot) summer?

You may be understandably cynical about the prospects for real action [on climate change], but remember, we’ve logged some recent massive successes on other fronts. We pulled 1 billion people out of extreme poverty. We’ve gone a long way toward healing the ozone hole. We essentially shut down acid rain,...


Forget the turkey and pie — ‘The Oath’ will fill you up on laughs and reflection this Thanksgiving season

When the White House releases a loyalty oath and encourages Americans to sign it, the whole town becomes divided. Chris is a liberal who follows politics closely, and his family are no exception; they attempt to survive Thanksgiving despite the tension that permeates.

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Lady Gaga gives spectacular performance in ‘A Star is Born’

When better doesn’t have to be bigger

More than a historical reproduction, Sergey Malov recreates the past with a forgotten instrument.


MIT Cricket beats UMass Lowell by six wickets in thrilling last ball encounter

In a game that had its fair share of twists and turns, MIT emerged victorious thanks to an excellent all-around bowling performance and a half-century by Vaikkunth Mugunthan G.

Hat tricks!

After some initial shortcomings, MIT Women’s Soccer has settled into its groove and won seven consecutive games, beginning with a stunning victory against Worcester State.

MIT beat BU in cricket semester opener by 17 runs

MIT 159 (19.3) beat BU 142 (18.3) by 17 runs in the first cricket game of the semester.

Campus Life

Ten things you realize after the first month of the school year

Whether it’s that you signed up for too many units, overcommitted in your clubs, or somehow have too much time, you’ve probably become disillusioned by now.

Bridging the gap between China and the US: comparative perspectives

All in all, we are not two countries with fear and hatred towards each other, but global young citizens ready to make the world a better place. In the future, I welcome you to Tsinghua, to dive deep into the quickly-developing China!

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The 2018 InCube Competition

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Creative collaboration

Investigating influenza

Flu viruses evolve every year, even within a “flu season.” At MIT, the Shoulders Lab investigated the mechanisms behind influenza virus evolution.

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Photovoltaics and solar power