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Balinese dancers perform with the MIT Gamelan Galak Tika group, a Balinese percussion ensemble led by music professor Evan Ziporyn, in Kresge Auditorium Dec. 1. Kevin Ly–The Tech

New music building to be built next to Kresge by 2022

The new building will include spaces for performance, practice, professional-level recording, research, and instruction, as well as a performance lab.

movie review

The unconventional love story

'Becoming Astrid' gives the viewers a glimpse into the events in Astrid Lindgren’s formative years that shaped the children’s stories for which she is famous. Lindgren’s affair with her married editor and her subsequent teenage pregnancy serves as the fulcrum for the story and provides the background for her most beloved characters.

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One designer’s trash is another’s treasure

The show, hosted by the UA Sustainability Committee, featured the creative styles of 17 designers, and 19 models strutted down Morss Hall wearing trash and various plastics, metals, paper, and recyclable materials not usually associated with high couture.


Michael Bloomberg to speak at commencement

Michael Bloomberg, entrepreneur, billionaire, and former New York City mayor, will speak at MIT’s commencement ceremony June 7, 2019.


From analyzing M&Ms to illuminating cells

Ibrahim Cissé, Assistant Professor of Physics and principal investigator of Cissé Laboratory, has been interested in science for as long as he can remember — he was "very curious as a child, wanted to find out how things worked," and loved watching scientific Hollywood movies. As a young boy, he converted a storage room in his house into a laboratory, where he would tinker with electronics, taking things apart to build creations of his own.

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Ibrahim Cissé hopes his research will shed light on processes that take place within living cells, such as protein aggregation. Courtesy of MIT Department of Physics

Associate Provost Richard Lester recommends against termination of existing relationships with Saudi Arabia

Lester's report argues that the cessation of MIT’s relationships with the Saudi organizations it currently engages with would probably fail to have a “meaningful ameliorative effect.”


Mental health and the brain

According to the National Institute for Mental Health, approximately 20 percent of the world is affected by brain disorders. At MIT, there are a number of groups dedicated to studying brain disorders specifically. Some labs focus on the genetic origins of neurological disorders, while others use imaging to predict and respond to indications of mental health conditions.


Gunshots fired in Cambridgeport Nov. 29

Gunshots were fired in the area of Chestnut and Sidney Streets around 2:34 p.m. on Nov. 29. According to a statement by the Cambridge Police, two vehicles were spotted at the incident, one of which was a black sedan later stopped by the police.


A letter to Associate Provost Lester on Saudi Arabia

Are there any circumstances under which our institution would end relations with such an agent as Saudi Arabia? And if so, how would those circumstances differ from those we face with Saudi Arabia?

What the College of Computing can do for both MIT and society

History has shown us that science has the potential to do more harm than good, and the College of Computing is a testament to MIT's responsibility to make sure it is used properly.

Response to “Grad students suffer from lagging support”

"We are pleased by our very meaningful collaboration with graduate student groups and others on these topics [and] we invite all graduate students to join us in creating an even better MIT."

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Head of the Charles Regatta 2018

MIT Cricket runners up in American College Cricket Northeast Championship 2018

MIT Cricket recovered from a crushing loss against Northeastern in the first league game but missed out narrowly in the final to finish as runners-up in the American College Cricket North East Championship held Oct. 6 and 7 in Queens, NY.

MIT Cricket beats UMass Lowell by six wickets in thrilling last ball encounter

In a game that had its fair share of twists and turns, MIT emerged victorious thanks to an excellent all-around bowling performance and a half-century by Vaikkunth Mugunthan G.

Campus Life

All about Auntie

This week, in lieu of actual questions, Auntie Matter narcissistically decided to invent and answer questions about herself.

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Nine weird food combinations in my life

Advising the advisor

Instead of telling your students not to work a specific kind of job, encourage them to be a specific kind of person — one who is awake in the world.


The next generation of materials

The Electrochemical Materials Lab focuses on finding new ways to process ceramic and glass, leveraging new methods and design paradigms towards new device functionalities that have the potential to make our phones and computers smaller, faster, and smarter than ever before.

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Preparing for disaster

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Understanding diseases at the nanoscale