8237 nshafiul loan art
A part of the Student Loan Art Program Exhibition by MIT’s List Visual Art Center which ran from Sept. 5 – 17. Nur Muhammad Shafiullah–The Tech

Jaden Smith attends 3.091, speaks with MIT department heads

The son of Will Smith was spotted on campus last Monday. Drew FitzGerald, the creative director of CEE, coordinated Smith’s day-long visit.

reporter's notebook

PKG debuts annual fair to highlight community service

The fair presented a wide variety of options that catered to MIT students’ skillsets. Many focused on biotech, healthcare systems, tutoring, and coding skills.


Ig Nobel prizewinners present ‘improbable research’

Several of the 2017 Ig Nobel prizewinners presented their research Saturday to the public at the Ig Informal Lectures in 10-250. Two previous prizewinners presented their winning research as well.


Ig Nobel Awards Ceremony features vaginal music player

Winners received a prize of 1,000,000,000,000 Zimbabwean dollars and a replica of a human head sporting a question mark (to tie in with this year's theme, “Uncertainty”).

in short

UROP direct funding, finals schedules

The deadline for UROP for Direct Funding is Thursday, Sept. 21. Finals schedules have been released at finals.mit.edu.


Image resolution enhancer wins HackMIT

A total of 32 prizes were awarded to accommodate different types of hacks developed in what first-time hacker Kushagra Pandya ’19 described to The Tech as a “sleep-deprived, stressful environment.”

8246 nshafiul hackmit team
A team working on their hack in the hacking arena.
8244 nshafiul hackmit opening
The opening ceremony of HackMIT, attended by the hackers and the sponsoring companies.
guest column

Making a pledge for the climate with our careers

We, as MIT-trained individuals, are future leaders. Both in our careers and our personal lives, we will “hack the world” using our minds, hands, and hearts to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

letter to the editor

MIT Turing laureates propose creation of School of Computing

There comes a time, in the course of scientific evolution, when a discipline is ready to emerge from the womb if its parent disciplines and take its own place in the world. For computer science, or more accurately, for the field of computing, this moment is now.

guest column

The Cambridge-MIT Exchange: an ungraceful end to an era

After hearing news of the program's end, a few alumni of the exchange are rallying to revive the program; however, their years of removal from the program and its flaws shield them from the ways in which the program is unfair and, at times, harmful to MIT students.

8236 cst constellations production 2
Nael Nacer & Marianna Bassham in 'Constellations.' Courtesy of A.R. Sinclair Photography
theater review

Everything you’ve ever, and never, done

We define the moment and, reciprocally, the moment defines us. Constellations explores the infinite possibility that inhabits such a moment.

movie review

‘Mother!’ is a discomforting fever dream

When the credits roll, we are left in a hazy fugue in the wake of a movie that is emotionally devastating and structurally resonant. Aranofsky does a fine job in a powerful and explosive conclusion, and it is left to us to marvel at the leftover carnage.

movie review

Mitch Rapp is no James Bond, but he’s entertaining enough

Mitch lacks Bond’s class — “Rapp, Mitch Rapp” doesn’t roll off the tongue — but he certainly makes up for it in kill count and his entertainment factor.


Samarth Mohan – a rising star in MIT Cricket Club

Samarth Mohan ’16, recalls playing ‘gully cricket’ – a popular form of ad hoc cricket played in streets – growing up in India. In the narrow streets of New Delhi, Samarth managed to learn the basics of cricket as a sport but was never a part of an organized club team. He could have hardly imagined then that one day, he would go on to score a century for the MIT Cricket Club.

art exhibit review

‘At Sea’ exhibits intriguing photography

The self-evident materiality of these works, and their implicit manmade-ness, serve as a constant reminder of mortality.  But these memento mori are not distressing. They arise not from fatalism, but an acceptance of the natural order.

sports blitz

MIT sports continue impressive start to fall season

Men’s football (2-1) defeated Endicott College 31-26 this past Saturday.


Open letter to President Reif about the events in Charlottesville

Thank you for your August 15 e-mail about the horrific and frightening events in Charlottesville, VA over the weekend. I urge you to go one step further.

The chancellor’s timeline of the Senior House decision

Given the high level of interest in facts surrounding the Senior House decision, I thought it might help to lay out the milestone events of the last year and share my thinking.

Senior House students respond: the chancellor’s allegations are unfounded

The punishment being implemented by the MIT Chancellor and President goes far beyond individual accountability, or the desire to eliminate drug use in the dorm. Allegations of widely tolerated drug use were made by the chancellor, but prior to the investigation, very few students were aware of the events that...


The Phantom lurking inside the Opera House

Loved by band geeks and theatre junkies alike, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera effortlessly combines mystery, suspense, romance, and emotional musical numbers all in one dark, harrowing tale.

8228 home again

We come home again to Los Angeles

Jacob Collier: The art of musical intention

This is a once-in-a-lifetime musician with a profound sense of the strong connection between emotions and music as a communicative vehicle. Every magical moment, spontaneous or planned, is grounded in a deep understanding of music through the lens of emotions.


Fall sports start season on a good note

Football, soccer, volleyball, and field hockey prevail.

Austin Filiere ’18, now a Cub, makes history at the MLB draft

We got a chance to catch up with Filiere after his historic night getting drafted in the eighth round (highest among the three drafted ballplayers from MIT) and asked him about his experiences so far and what he is looking forward to.

IM Executive Board introduces Beaver Cup

The Beaver Cup is a points system through which FSILGs, graduate departments, and clubs can score points for participating and winning in different leagues. 

Campus Life
8171 nir shavit photo.1441 17

Nir Shavit

8161 dina katabi and mika photo.1203 17

Dina Katabi

Corporate polish

The other day, a friend of mine put in a good word for me for an amazing internship opportunity. He wrote, “Laura is not corporate polished, but she built a cosmetics manufacturing enterprise with no science background at all. She hustles and makes it happen. If she doesn’t know how...