Student center exhibit to display murals from Senior House

“Since 1996, over 451 murals have been painted in Senior House...there are ones in rooms, in suites, in stairwells and in bathrooms. They’re really using the internal architecture of the building in this phenomenal way that I don’t see in other places.”


Dreamers face uncertain futures despite temporary protection

Dreamers Ian Bouche ’21, Jose Gomez ’17, Johan Villanueva ’20, and Avital Vainberg ’21 discuss their experiences as DACA students.

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Black Lives Matter activists discuss racial discrimination in Boston as part of a panel held at the MIT Day of Action 2018 that took place Apr. 17 at the Stata Center. Ethan Sit
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Murals at Senior House, now 70 Amherst Street, whose photographs are going to be exhibited in an exhibition called 'Murals of Senior Haus' at the Wiesner Student Art Gallery in the Student Center starting this weekend. Courtesy of Paula Countouris

Second annual Day of Action encourages public service, engagement with local community

Free and open to the public, the event included lectures, town-hall type sessions, film screenings, workshops, and booths where student groups and community organizations conducted outreach.

artist interview

Listen to him, he likes zucchinis

It’s hard to be completely optimistic on your own, what with famine, poverty, and the confusing architecture of the stud.

guest column

Pass/No Record falls short

P/NR engenders bad habits for freshmen and a mindset that is damaging in the long run. It's more than just grades: P/NR is a culture. But there is a solution.


Seniors lead softball to unprecedented heights

The team's rapid turnaround shows what a mark the Class of 2018 has made on the program.

theater review

The world in varying shades of gray

Halloween comes early to MIT, as Next Act uses a bit of necromancy to pull you into a musical that is anything but dead. An undead work of art in every sense of the word.

book review

Few vague ways of ‘fixing’ your broken heart

Next time you are comforting a heartbroken friend, you can use some tricks that you learned in this book. But other than that, this book has little to offer.


Drop date, summer housing, SpringFest

Drop date is April 26.

Warm weather is coming — later

The phrase “April showers bring May flowers” has at least halfway come to fruition this year. The Northeast has experienced several large rainstorms this spring with another big storm happening today.

SafeRide CPW hours, Day of Action, blood drive

The SafeRide Shuttle program service will be extended until 3:30 a.m. for Campus Preview Weekend for two fixed-route SafeRide shuttles — the Boston East and Cambridge West/Brookline routes.


President Reif responds to editorial on MIT’s moralizing

“Your editorial of April 5th points to serious, difficult questions we must ask when developing relationships with outside parties, including what qualifies or disqualifies a potential collaborator, and how we can gauge whether our choices serve the long-term best interests of MIT.”

Where is the humor in hunger?

The 2018 Class Council should not have joked about food insecurity.

The hypocrisy in MIT’s moralizing

The MIT administration has reliably commented on political matters when it is easy to do so, but it has strategically chosen to remain silent on matters of injustice for which it shares culpability.


Engineers post national rankings, impressive victories mid-spring

Women’s lightweight ranks seventh nationally, both tennis teams sweep opponents.

Engineers begin spring sports on a solid note

Men’s Baseball (1–3) started off with a win against Trinity University behind a strong outing by Zachary Kopstein ’20, but dropped their next two matchups against them and lost to No. 1 UMass Boston. 

Engineers collect championships and individual awards across the board

MIT Women’s Basketball wins their first NEWMAC championship.

Campus Life
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Dance and design

Welcome to CPW, Class of 2022!

The Tech interviews prospective students at CPW about what's awesome about MIT and themselves.

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The special Simmons sport


The Heavenly Palace falls

A non-operational Chinese space station long expected to fall out of orbit crashed harmlessly into the Pacific last week, but raised concerns about space debris causing damage to orbiting spacecraft.

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TESS exoplanet search to start next week

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Perfecting the phosphorous process