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Students organized a candlelit vigil outside of Kresge last Saturday to stand against the hatred and racism experienced by the AAPI community. Frankie Schulte

MIT student groups unite against anti-Asian racism after Atlanta shootings

Several AAPI student groups at MIT joined forces to offer an AAPI Community Discussion on March 22 open to all MIT students.


MIT shares draft of five-year strategic DEI plan, focuses on underrepresented community members

Schmidt emphasized that the plan is a set of explicit actions for the Institute. The DEI team hopes that the plan can be considered as “an encouraging step that can help make your local efforts more lasting and effective.”


MIT to host joint webinar on vaccines with Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital

Reif wrote that topics covered in the webinar will include why “viruses pose such a threat to humanity,” how “vaccines are designed,” what new viral variants “mean in terms of ending the pandemic,” and what “we can do now to prevent future pandemics.”

in short

Housing forms, PE, CP*

Rising sophomore, juniors, and seniors should share their fall housing plans by completing the Fall 2021 Undergraduate Housing Intent & Preference Form on the MyHousing portal by April 9.


Wow, it’s actually nice out!

Try to close your computer and put away your psets for a few hours this weekend to enjoy the (likely fleeting) beautiful spring weather. 

staff column

MIT must bear the same burdens it is placing on its students

What are undergraduates, who normally rely on MIT’s summer housing to stay here and e.g. engage in UROPs, supposed to do in one of the most expensive cities in the world, a month and a half before the start of the summer?

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The weather is beginning to warm, and the MIT sailing pavilion is seeing more activity as people set sail on the Charles River. Frankie Schulte
guest column

Blurred vision

In reflection of MIT’s 160th birthday approaching this Saturday, I have been pondering what has become of the school founded by a slaveholder in 1861. Thus, I have been pondering this plan.

guest column

African-American fiction

In the United States, de jure (and subsequent de facto) prohibition of teaching both reading and writing to its enslaved population (called ‘Black’) was both ubiquitous and fatally enforced. This inhumane (and racist) practice resulted in many unwritten stories and silenced voices of the enslaved African population.

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Thing one, thing two, and...

When is the best time to fix my roof? When the sun is out, and I can muster up the courage to say that my life is worth something.

album review

AJR’s ‘OK Orchestra’ is more than just okay

When AJR put out this album, they remarked that while it might not explicitly talk about the COVID-19 pandemic, the songs on it are certainly a product of its time.

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Ardent salmon tales

The thing about the salmon is that all it cares about is finding its home.

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Failure is not an option. Farin Tavacoli–The Tech
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Well Rounded: What do you mean, I'm in the Centrohexaindane Appreciation Society because benzene rings are near and dear to me >:( Alina Sarmiento–The Tech

The cloak of racism

Just because it takes critical thinking to use language which adequately reaches for the truth, does not mean we should give up or sacrifice the right words for a sound bite or quick answer.

Petition for opt-in commencement ceremony is exclusive and misguided

There are students in the Class of 2021 who are unable to fly themselves or their families into Boston, whether because of international travel restrictions, financial circumstances, or being at high risk for COVID-19.

MIT should guarantee funding for graduate students amid the pandemic

Now, the pandemic is exacerbating these long-running financial pain points. Before COVID-19, degree timelines were already crunched. Now, with pandemic delays, students face even more time before completion, with even less financial support from MIT.

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A moving undercover thriller based on true events

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What it takes to love

Totally not under control

In case you wanted to relive 2020, ‘Totally Under Control’ is the documentary for you. All joking aside, director Alex Gibney’s most recent documentary is a must-watch, both because of the importance of the subject matter and because of the masterful filmmaking.