Undergraduates must follow MIT’s COVID-19 policies

Breaking self-quarantine to gather in person both puts MIT community members in danger and shows a concerning disregard for publicly available health guidelines.

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A frozen, glistening Charles River greets students Tuesday noon with the conclusion of MIT’s Q-Week. Shinjini Ghosh–The Tech

2,129 undergraduates move into dorms Feb. 13–15, experience Q-Week

Regarding her first COVID-19 test on campus, Miner wrote that testing at the Johnson Athletic Center “was also incredibly fast given the influx of first-years moving in.”


UA Sustain releases fall undergraduate survey findings

Respondents also reportedly felt that MIT “does a good job” providing sustainability education and “furthering climate research.”

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The moon looks like a cloud tonight. Farin Tavacoli — The Tech
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I just absolutely love knowing that after spending a week in quarantine essentially without seeing the light of day, I’ll get to spend even more time in it!!

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Reimagining our MIT curriculum

Each year, hundreds of MIT students graduate lacking a fundamental understanding of the effects that anti-Black racism and other systems of oppression have on our present-day technologies, even our own decision-making.


MIT Student Worker Alliance organizes virtual rally for dining hall workers

The rally began with a series of student and dining worker speakers and ended in breakout rooms where students and workers discussed their experiences with racial discrimination or harassment at MIT.

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A dining worker in McCormick’s dining hall serves students. STEPHANY PANG — THE TECH
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Don’t be surprised by the administration’s decision on Seth Lloyd

The clear conspiracy on all levels of the Institute to knowingly accept money from a child sex trafficker has been justified and downplayed in a variety of ways.

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Coblentz uses her space food helmet and glove box for spherification during the zero gravity flight. Courtesy of Maggie Coblentz

Q-Week extended due to students out of compliance with testing and violations reported

Q-Week restrictions were lifted noon Feb. 23 after undergraduates complied with testing requirements Feb. 22, and no positive cases were detected .

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Students stand in line at the Johnson Athletic Center Feb. 20 for what was originally supposed to be the final test before the conclusion of Q-Week. Kevin Ly–The Tech
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A pearl of a project: Transforming the aquafarm of the future

From concept to controls to creation, students will work with researchers and instructors to deliver a vessel that has a meaningful impact on food sustainability in New England.

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What’s it like to design a meal that floats?

What happens to astronauts when dinners, normally served off plates here on Earth, are instead squirted from shriveled plastic packages fitted with sphincters and tubes? When the movement and music of cooking is replaced with the injection of warm water into said packages?


DEI strategic plan, MIT-China relations, vaccine roll-out discussed at February faculty meeting

Provost Martin Schmidt PhD ’88, Vice President and General Counsel Mark Divincenzo, Vice President for Research Maria Zuber, Jamison, and Associate Provost for International Engagements Richard Lester provided updates on Professor Gang Chen’s legal case over allegations of federal grant fraud and resources for faculty considering international collaborations.

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Half-term add date, in-person learning, MIT Awards

Access to academic and research spaces and in-person learning begins March 1.

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The things I brought to MIT

I wasn’t going to make that mistake again. I was going to pack the clothes, and the books, and the journals, and the letters. And this time, it would work.

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I thought about how much has changed since high school... Quietly — carefully — I packed that worn down notebook in my backpack. Max Yu — The Tech

Spring weather is (briefly) here

Temperatures are going to drop off later in the week, so get out there and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.


Q-Week, PE classes, UROP Extended Direct Funding deadline

Q-Week for on-campus students runs until Feb. 22.

First-year international students advised to follow Institute guidance when registering for classes

First-year international students are advised to follow the Fall 2020 guidance on registering for in-person coursework determined by the International Students Office (ISO), according to a Feb. 8 email from Vice Chancellor Ian Waitz. 

2021 Commencement ceremony to be held online

Reif stated that after consulting with the “Commencement Committee, student leaders, the deans, and the senior leadership team,” it was determined that early June was too soon to plan a large campus gathering.


How merit-based raises hurt DEI

While this announcement is a relief for staff who are feeling the pain of increased economic insecurity, it comes with some restrictions and raises important questions around the nature of merit-based raises in the first place.

New year, new MITIMCo: MIT’s chance to lead in socially responsible investing

Unlike its peer institutions, the MIT Corporation does not have a permanent framework to address sustainable investing issues.

Elitist and racist egg donation ads have no place in student newspapers

These advertisements that individually target young Asian women at MIT do not properly disclose sufficient information about the process and offer vast financial compensation, making them both racist and dangerous.

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A moving undercover thriller based on true events

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What it takes to love

Totally not under control

In case you wanted to relive 2020, ‘Totally Under Control’ is the documentary for you. All joking aside, director Alex Gibney’s most recent documentary is a must-watch, both because of the importance of the subject matter and because of the masterful filmmaking.

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Trying to untangle my identities, but it’s impossible

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Life, the universe, and 12.400

Faced with the imminent threat of climate change, lives and livelihoods are at risk of drought, famine, and rising sea levels, and deadly diseases such as COVID-19 continue to shake the foundations of societies all over the Earth.