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Construction at Burton Conner appears largely complete as the dorm prepares to open for students in the fall, having been under renovation since 2020. KRISTINA CHEN — THE TECH
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NATO unveils its 2022 Strategic Concept in efforts to coordinate the fight against Russia

The new Concept “makes clear that Russia poses ‘the most significant and direct threat’ to our security” and further that “China’s coercive policies ‘challenge our interests, security and values.’”


MIT recommends that students test for COVID-19 before arriving on campus

MIT Medical Director Cecilia Stuopis wrote in an August 3 email to students that MIT “strongly encourages” students to take a COVID-19 test within 48 hours of coming on campus, preferably before arrival.


MIT to restrict PCR testing to community members experiencing COVID symptoms, effective July 1

Beginning June 17, MIT will no longer offer observed PCR testing at the MIT Medical Trailer.

guest column

Seif Fateen: An MIT-educated professor languishing in Egypt’s prisons

While Seif Fateen is only one man caught in the web of a sprawling complex of prisons, his torment epitomizes the scourge of ruthless repression that countless Egyptians have had to suffer since the July 2013 coup.


Nuclear thermal propulsion: a key technology for space exploration

Research and development of nuclear thermal propulsion was stagnant between the end of the Space Race and the 2010s.

book review

“Our Ancestors Did Not Breathe This Air”: On growing up Muslim in America

The authors masterfully capture the feeling of balancing between two cultures, and they do so with humor, compassion, and warmth.

vivian's reflections

Breathe in, breathe out

Never had I experienced true silence until I descended underwater.


Unwavering heatwave on its way

Although August is expected to be even warmer than usual this year, at least we can look forward to coming back on campus and meeting new and old friends!

in short

Summer session ending, pre-registration deadline, orientation

The deadline for continuing students to pre-register for fall classes is 5 p.m. at August 25.

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Stoltenberg discusses global food crisis due to war in Ukraine at closing press conference of Madrid Summit

Since its initial invasion of Ukraine in February, Russia has implemented a total blockade on all Ukrainian ports.

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European Union to reduce purchasing of Russian oil by 90%

Russia is a critical supplier to European nations, supplying over 40% of the EU’s natural gas.

World and Nation

Ukraine makes surprise appearance at Madrid NATO Summit

Klistschko warned that Russia’s actions could be a slippery slope and that “Russia’s going to launch something new.”

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Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko and his brother Wladimir Klitschko speak to the press at the Madrid Summit about Ukraine, calling on NATO to take action against Russia. Courtesy of Alex Tran
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Stoltenberg: Allies ‘prepared for the long haul’ in war of attrition in Ukraine

Stoltenberg has repeatedly emphasized NATO’s position to avoid a “full-fledged war” against Russia, providing “support to Ukraine” but remaining “not part of the conflict.”

restaurant review

The perfect treat for Boston’s summer

Despite my initial skepticism, I ended up loving all of the newly released flavors.

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The Sharkleberry Fin ice cream from J.P. Licks' new summer releases. Courtesy of Darren DeLuca
World and Nation

NATO Secretary General opens historic Madrid Summit with public forum

In his opening remarks, Stoltenberg stressed the need for unity under the threat of Russian aggression.

World and Nation

Finland, Sweden, and Türkiye sign NATO membership Agreement

Türkiye's primary objection stemmed from Finland’s and Sweden's support for Kurdish groups that Ankara considers terrorist organizations.

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg unveils 2022 Strategic Concept at Madrid summit. Sophia Wang–The Tech

ASEs, certificates, summer session classes

The last day to petition to take August or September Advanced Standing Exams is July 14.

Things are getting pretty heated

The combination of heat and humidity can be deadly, especially at this time of year. Try to stay indoors in cool places when possible.

Construction to revamp Metropolitan Warehouse commences

The building will feature new floor platforms to provide high-bay program space and allow natural light to penetrate core building areas.


Expanding our horizons through nuclear energy and space exploration

Whether you’re religious or atheist, looking at the sun, moon, stars, and beyond gives you a sense of power and intimacy with nature itself.

On need

SFS took my “family’s financial circumstances” into account, but their broad definition of family included a woman who is more of an angry ghost than a functioning parent. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that this choice was better for the university’s bottom line.

On civility: in search of the path forward

There has been a marked decline in the civility of our discourse.

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‘Men’ will get inside your head

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‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’: an ostinato of dry wit and changing times

It Must Be Now! is a call for change

MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble, MIT Wind Ensemble, and MIT Vocal Jazz Ensemble came together with special guests last Saturday to perform It Must Be Now!, a two-year endeavor combining music, spoken word, and interpretive dance into a powerful call to action against racial injustice.

Campus Life

Abundant resources exist but are underutilized

Sometimes we forget that we have the privilege of attending one of the best universities in the world.

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Beaver mascot cupcakes

The nonlinear degree path

As I walked around the career fair, trying to convince both the recruiters and myself that I wasn’t worthless, I didn’t feel like this was part of some grand narrative. I just felt ashamed.