Burton-Conner residents to be fined by Housing and Residential Services for ‘vandalism’

Since reopening in August 2022, BC has had minor issues with painting the walls. In contrast to previous incidents though, recent content on the wall was deemed by some as “reactionary vandalism.” 


MIT Civil Discourse Project launches speaker series

Each speaker event pairs an outside speaker who holds a position not commonly voiced within MIT with an MIT faculty member. This structure "encourages diverse opinions and lively debate while maintaining a high standard of intellectual rigor."


MIT Undergraduate Association hosts free food event

On Nov. 20, the MIT Undergraduate Association (UA) organized a free food event for students outside of the Stratton Center. The line for the Zinneken’s food truck extended to Massachusetts Avenue as students awaited waffles.

guest column

Speaking out Against Genocide in Palestine and Repression of Free Speech on MIT’s Campus

We join our voices to those of our campus colleagues to demand that MIT stop repressing members of the community who are bravely giving their time and energy to advocate for an end to the violence in occupied Palestine. An institution of MIT’s caliber deserves better leadership. 


Silicon Souls: Priming beliefs about AI in chatbot conversations

I“The robotic shell or the human soul: Which one actually makes the AI? Is it the observable behavior that we see when we think of AI, or what we imagine the AI is on the inside that made it affect you?”


MIT Free Speech Alliance assembles a panel to debate whether STEM is systemically racist

"Polls show that many people do not dare to discuss this topic or other topics about racial justice, for fear of being accused of causing harm.”


President Kornbluth to testify in Congress Dec. 5

MIT spokesperson Kimberly Allen said that President Kornbluth “welcomes the opportunity" to testify before the committee. 


In Memoriam: Tiansi Xin

Xin was described as a “treasured member of the Cummins lab,” with his advisor, Professor Kit Cummins, describing him as “an amazing scholar and chemist.”

10175 ball
Will Bland '27 drives to the rim for the Engineers against Keene State. The Engineers lost 81 to Keene State's 119. Robert Krawitz–The Tech
10180 truck
A mobile billboard truck driving down Mass Ave, Wednesday. The billboard calls for the resignation of President Sally Kornbluth, in reference to student protests on campus regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. Ellie Montemayor–The Tech
10178 thanksgiving
Next House residents and friends enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner cooked by student volunteers, Thursday, November 23. PHOTO COURTESY OF NEXT HOUSE THANKSGIVING EXEC
10183 graffiti4
Unauthorized murals and graffiti in the Burtonside stairwell of Burton-Conner protest against HRS's mural policies, leading to a temporary freeze of the Burton-Conner guest list. MICHELLE XIANG – THE TECH
10182 graffiti3
Unauthorized murals and graffiti in the Burtonside stairwell of Burton-Conner protest against HRS's mural policies, leading to a temporary freeze of the Burton-Conner guest list. MICHELLE XIANG – THE TECH
10181 graffiti2
Unauthorized murals and graffiti in the Burtonside stairwell of Burton-Conner protest against HRS's mural policies, leading to a temporary freeze of the Burton-Conner guest list. MICHELLE XIANG – THE TECH

Sweeping Southern storms set to shower the Northeast

A cold front currently building over the southern United States will bring a risk of severe thunderstorms to southeastern Texas and western Louisana. The remnants of this storm system will move to affect the US East Coast and New England area over the next few days and bring us some scattered showers. Remember to bring an umbrella or raincoat if you plan on going outside this weekend!


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Friday, November 17th:

concert review

Daniil Trifonov Captivates Listeners

From Rameau to Beethoven, world-renowned pianist Daniil Trifonov’s repertoire showcases his unparalleled attention to detail and fine mastery in capturing the nuances in music.

10184 image1
Pianist Daniil Trifonov performed at Boston’s Symphony Hall on Nov. 15. Courtesy of Robert Torres
the luddite

Satire: MIT Students for Inalienable Rights wins Nobel Peace Prize

After winning the prize, he cracked open a bottle of what appeared to be Ice Mountain, but explained that this water was not from the glaciers but “melted from woke liberal snowflakes.”



Upon further discussion, the Managing Board has concluded that the article should be taken down in its entirety.


belonging, home, and me

since i am not in fact an almighty god of destruction, i opted to wallow in my sadness instead, which was only slightly less disastrous.

10177 mtg
MIT Musical Theater Guild presents their Fall 2023 production "The Best of All Possible Worlds: A Cabaret Night", Friday, November 17. MELISSA JIMENEZ CAMEJO – THE TECH
alor's lore

Near Misses? Potential Deaths.

Discussion of the school district that is sweeping a potential gun incident under the rug.


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the luddite

Satire: MIT jacks up laundry prices

Ever since the Charles was the Quinobequin, the riverside has teemed with creatures of all sorts— from canada geese (for the coats) to herons and rabbits. But the recent hike in dorm laundry prices has forced cash-strapped students to join the flock.

10173 busstop
Wuming Theater Club performs The Bus Stop《车站》, a Chinese absurdist play, Sunday, November 19. MICHELLE XIANG - THE TECH
10176 nightmarket
Students enjoy an acapella performance by MIT Syncopasian at Nightmarket 2023, Friday, November 17. Kate Lu–The Tech
10174 splash
High school students in class titled "Learning about Velocity with Mario Kart" at Splash, a weekend-long teaching and learning extravaganza organized by MIT Educational Studies Program, Saturday, November 18. PHOTO COURTESY OF MIT EDUCATIONAL STUDIES PROGRAM
the luddite

Satire: Too much affection on Newbury

But the main attraction of this walk is the abundance of couples. Couples holding hands, Couples linked arm in arm. Walking in front of me, a lady in a denim jacket rests her head on a dude a clean head taller than her in a pastel long-sleeve shirt, gotta be Vineyard Vines.


Yet another stormy weekend ahead

The cool days and freezing nights that the Boston area has seen earlier this week are bound to take a break as a warm front will be moving in, bringing temperatures 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit above average for this time of the year. The relief will be short-lived, however: a nor’easter will bring light to moderate rain and gusty winds this weekend, with rapidly dropping temperatures. Afterwards, more typical November temperatures will return, with mostly clear skies.

10172 graffiti1
Unauthorized murals and graffiti in the Burtonside stairwell of Burton-Conner protest against HRS's mural policies, leading to a temporary freeze of the Burton-Conner guest list. MICHELLE XIANG – THE TECH

Calls for ‘Intifada’ Are Traumatizing MIT’s Jewish Community

In the hours after the intifada rally, President Kornbluth released a lukewarm statement in which she denounced all forms of hate without mentioning the CAA by name or making note of their calls to violence. We call on President Kornbluth to use her presidential voice to directly condemn these calls...

Smartphones and Cigarettes Go Hand in Hand

Using smartphones is very different from smoking as one consists of using a handheld device while the other directly causes lung cancer and air pollution, but they are fundamentally not that distinct from a behavioral point of view.

Clarity from Christians at MIT

Christian groups on campus have a history of coldness and outright discrimination of our queer community members. This piece highlights the mixed progress we’ve made towards an inclusive campus and calls for all groups to make clear their support or lack thereof for proud, queer Christians.


Someone needs to learn to tell Martin Scorsese “no”

Exactly fifty years after his crime film Mean Streets debuted in 1973, with a dozen award-winning films under his belt, Martin Scorsese has come as close to perfect job security as artists get — for better and for worse.

10164 muchado

MIT Shakespeare Ensemble performs modern adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing

Brief Tender Light offers a half-baked reflection on American higher education for international students

With this summer’s dual Supreme Court decisions in SFFA v. Harvard and SFFA v. UNC, higher education is deserving of a critical artistic lens now more than ever. Brief Tender Light, focusing on African students at MIT, ventures an attempt at this lens but doesn’t succeed.


MIT Sport Taekwondo wins home tournament with a 92-point lead over second place

MIT placed first with 376 points overall (Northeastern finished in second place with 284 points — 92 behind MIT) at the tournament, which was attended by schools like West Point, Harvard, and the University of Michigan.

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Saturday, September 23rd:

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Friday, September 8th:

Campus Life

the gis of ‘eunice exists!!’

to me, writing is everything — a steadfast anchor in vast turbulence of a world full of hrrgs and unexpected outcomes.

The Mystery of Long-Term Friendships

We simply grew apart, changed over time, and now have different lives.

Dear Housemate, Rewritten

This was the first time I truly cried for someone.


Siddhu Pachipala ’27 on why politics is a necessary complement to scientific research

Siddhu Pachipala ’27  intends to study Course 17 (political science) at MIT. He believes there is a need to become fluent in both the languages of science and politics in order to change the world for the better. He sat down with The Tech to discuss his journey from a...

Drone deliveries will leave privacy concerns up in the air

Drone delivery services may become ubiquitous soon enough as drone operating prices decrease and demand for rapid delivery options increase. But what will they imply for consumer privacy?

LIGO researchers surpass the quantum limit

On Oct. 23, LIGO researchers at MIT, Caltech, and other institutions reported that they had surpassed the quantum limit. This marked a significant advance in quantum squeezing, a method for reducing quantum noise to obtain more precise measurements. Researchers will now be able to measure a larger volume of the...