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​Live Updates: Student encampment, May 8–11

This is a developing story. Updates are issued live as new developments in the situation occur. Headlines are subject to change. 


Pro-Palestinian student encampment clashes with administration, police force and counterprotestors

As the pro-Palestinian Scientists Against Genocide Encampment pressed on with its third week holding Kresge Oval, its continued presence has escalated into numerous clashes between the encampment and MIT officials, law enforcement at the municipal and state level, and pro-Israeli counterprotestors.

live updates

​Live Updates: Student encampment, May 6–7

Publisher's Note: Live reporting for this feed has concluded as of Tuesday, May 7 at 9:36 p.m, with its last update coming in at 7:58 p.m. Further coverage will be reported through separate articles.


Referendum 2 proponents speak at Undergraduate Association Council meeting

Referendum #2 speakers call for an ad hoc committee “to handle the interpretation and implementation of the referendum.”


Rainy Weekend Ahead

A rainy weekend is ahead with a 70% chance of rain Friday night, 60% chance of showers on Saturday, and 40% chance of precipitation on Saturday. Winds from the Northeast direction will be roughly 10 mph, blowing away the nice weather we had in the past week. Temperatures range from high 50s to high 40s.


Dorm Row plunges into darkness following manhole explosion

At approximately 1 a.m. May 6, a manhole explosion near W85 (Westgate Apartments) and Tang Hall caused power outages to numerous buildings along the Amherst Alley, also known as Dorm Row. The Cambridge Fire Department were present at the scene and at the time of this writing, are investigating what happened. No injuries were reported, but power has yet to be restored to the affected buildings. 


MIT eliminates diversity statements in faculty hiring

On May 5, the President Sally Kornbluth announced that the Institute will no longer include diversity statements as part of the application process for faculty appointments. The move to eliminate such statements for hiring is purportedly the first amongst elite universities.


Vice Chancellor Ian Waitz announced as next Vice President of Research

In an email to the MIT community on April 24, President Sally Kornbluth announced that Ian Waitz, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, will begin his tenure as MIT’s Vice President of Research (VPR) after Professor Maria Zuber steps down effective May 1. 


UA food survey results released for the 2023-24 year

The UA Food Security Committee releases its report on food security on campus on April 23.


April 17 faculty meeting highlights Institute successes and room for improvement

The faculty members that proposed topics to be discussed at this meeting were Provost Cynthia Barnhart PhD '88 and Professors Nancy Kanwisher, Duane Boning, and Tal Cohen.


“Earthshot” petition urges MIT administration to decarbonize by 2035

The Earthshot petition received 279 votes to urge the Institute to decarbonize by 2035.

guest column

Antiracism or Oppression: MIT Must Choose

Every member of MIT’s community has a choice in this matter and must decide to either let oppression permeate our culture or take anti-racist action to build a better world. Now, MIT must choose.


No more MIT research for Israel’s Ministry of Defense

There is also the question of what we must say. We must speak against atrocities enabled by our science. We must emphasize the urgent moral distinction between what funding we can take—and have the right to take—and what funding we should take.  

open letter

A Public Letter to President Sally Kornbluth

It’s as simple as 1-2-3; and the good news is you wrote the steps. It’s time for you to lead us and the world at-large into a brighter future where “every individual has the freedom and support to flourish and grow, and in which we all have a sense of community, connection and shared purpose.”

open letter

Response to Quinn

Dear Quinn,

10473 sabrina chu mit gala
Sabine Chu by Gloria Zhu. MIT Gala 2024. PHOTO COURTESY OF JACK FIELD STUDIO

Lights! Camera! Fashion! The 2024 MIT Gala finds success on- and off-stage.

The 2024 MIT Gala was an exciting blur: starting with art galleries, then a fashion show, and finally the release of Issue 12 of Infinite Magazine.

play review

Becoming a Man asks questions about life, love, and human connection

Becoming a Man mixes biography, documentary, and humanity into a single unique theatrical experience. It tells the story of Carl, a transgender man who transitioned in his fifties and explores his relationships and personal growth during what Carl tells the audience was the “best and worst year of his life.”


An angry piece, an interesting trumpet concerto, and a wonderful symphony

The BSO performance was memorable for its novel and unconventional works of music.

10479 mit gala art 2
Guests admire artwork (by Sebastian Ochoa, '27) showcased at the Student Art Showcase, part of MIT Gala organized by Infinite Magazine, held at Lobdell on Sunday, April 28th. MICHELLE XIANG – THE TECH

Yo-Yo Ma and Kathryn Stott perform together in Boston for the last time

The two give a memorable performance and end their partnership on a beautiful note.

concert review

Hilary Hahn steals the show at the BSO

Despite it being a weekday night, Symphony Hall was packed, the atmosphere buzzing with excitement and energy in anticipation of Hilary Hahn’s performance.

concert review

Romeo and Juliet, as told by Berlioz and the BSO

The BSO’s performance of Berlioz’s dramatic symphony brings the story of Romeo and Juliet to life.

concert review

A celestial symphony of sensation

Did you know that Messiaen had synesthesia?


ChatMIT: Sam Altman on Start-ups, GPT, and the AI Revolution

Altman: “We have a ton of work in front of us.”


The impact and potential of early exposure to machine learning

Educators and innovators discuss why teaching machine learning to a younger generation is vital for preparing them to thrive in an AI-driven world.


MIT.nano: engineering at the heart of the Institute

Scholvin: “Nothing that happens in microfabrication should work. And the reason it's possible is because we negotiate with nature, in some sense.”

10491 springfest pie delt
A pie is applied to a member of Phi Delta Theta at the Pie Delts fundraiser for Camp Kesem during Springfest Carnival. JADE CHONGSATHAPORNPONG – THE TECH
puzzles & games

Crossword: Lifeblood

This is a moderately challenging themeless puzzle.

10487 cordae
Cordae, Springfest's headliner, performs at Briggs Field A, Saturday, May 4th. MICHELLE XIANG – THE TECH
vivian’s reflections

Dear Mom

I will share the epistolary thoughts I had in my mind this past month, thoughts that feel like an imaginary conversation with you, except you are silent.


Only Together

Radovitzky writes on unity


Dune: Part Two looks and sounds great, but its wooden characters leave much to be desired

In the hype around Dune: Part Two, director Denis Villeneuve's second installment of an epic three-part adaptation of Frank Herbert's eponymous 1965 novel, much has been said about Star Wars. Although it’s an apt comparison, Lucas’s original films are no match to this comparatively two-dimensional installment.

Fareed Zakaria discusses revolutions from the 1600 to the present

In Age of Revolutions, Zakaria covers major revolutions that changed the world, from the French Revolution to the Industrial Revolution.

10387 pablo ferrandez

Bringing together the old and new: Sierra, Elgar, Dvorak at the BSO




Interview with Boston Marathon runner David Suarez ’25

The Boston Marathon is one of the oldest and most famous marathons in the world. It takes place annually on Patriot’s Day in Boston, Massachusetts, attracting tens of thousands of elite runners and excited spectators. Totaling to more than 26 miles with numerous challenging segments, the Boston Marathon requires all...



Campus Life

Wired in a conversation

Meet Prof. Sherry Turkle, an STS Professor

You see right past me — or through me

“You know how much I hate that everybody just expects me to bounce back.” (Taylor Swift)

Bursting the MIT Bubble

It’s one thing to get to places without relying on Google Maps, but it’s another thing to know the people and stories that make up a place.