Campus Preview Weekend happening April 11 to 14

Campus Preview Weekend happening April 11-14.


MIT provides final update on Task Force 2021 and Beyond

Proposed by former president L. Rafael Reif, Task Force 2021 and Beyond was designed to “build a better MIT”


Kornbluth administration provides seed fund for Artificial Intelligence research

The recent funding developments were part of an initiative her administration began last semester, where 27 AI research teams were funded in an earlier round back in September.


CPW Weekend Woes: Wet Weather Ahead

A cold front developing over Texas on Wednesday is now impacting large sections of the southern United States. In particular, there is a significant risk of severe thunderstorms, hail, and tornados impacting Louisiana and Mississippi. The system is poised to bring rain up and down the East Coast of the United States, including to us in Boston.


Into the darkness: the April 2024 solar eclipse

At 3:29 p.m., April 8, 2024, masses of students piled onto Briggs Field, Killian Court, and the Lobby 7 steps to view the solar eclipse.

faculty spotlight

Achievements from the nanoscale to the Institute: Paula Hammond SB ’84 PhD ‘93 named 52nd Killian Award recipient

Killian Award Committee: “She is someone worth emulating. Indeed, simply put, she is the best of us.”

three questions

Dr. Ari Epstein on how the Terrascope program tackles sustainability

The Tech sat down with Dr. Ari Epstein to learn about his experience teaching Terrascope and the impact Terrascope has had on students.

alor’s lore

You see right past me — or through me

“You know how much I hate that everybody just expects me to bounce back.” (Taylor Swift)


NASA’s budget cuts for the Chandra X-ray Observatory could leave a gaping hole in the field

NASA’s recently released budget plan for the next 5 years drastically erodes funding for Chandra to nearly nothing. In other words, NASA plans to terminate the program—and hundreds of scientists around the world are furious.




10375 mit eclipse 2
A large crowd gathers to watch the solar eclipse from Kresge Oval, Monday, April 8. Caroline Chea–The Tech
10377 sin limite
A dancer performing folclórico in La Sala de Puerto Rico during Sin LiMITe's Gala Sabrosura, Saturday, April 6. Omar Orozco–The Tech
10376 gala gigante
Students partying at SHPE's annual Gala Gigante in Morss Hall, Saturday, April 6. Omar Orozco–The Tech
concert review

Bruce Liu showcases his virtuosity in Boston debut

From the Baroque to the Impressionist era, Liu’s magnificent renditions of challenging pieces held the packed audience spellbound.

10373 pax east
Two cosplayers at PAX EAST being interviewed by a media outlet, Saturday, March 23rd. Ellie Montemayor–The Tech
ballet review

The clock strikes opening night at the Boston Ballet’s Cinderella

The Tech attended Boston Ballet’s March 14, 2024 showing of Cinderella, the opening night.


MINCE Japan: Delectable fusion dishes all around

The MINCE x MISTI Japan culinary pop–up serves up unique fusion dishes for free.

10362 spring break 1
"The B1ners (residents of Burton One) went to Cartagena, Colombia this spr1ng break. And it went HARD." Photo courtesy of The B1ners
10371 spring break 7
"Old San Juan, Puerto Rico" Alexa Simao–The Tech
10363 spring break 2
"chinatown, nyc" Photo courtesy of an anonymous student
10364 spring break 3
"Banana bread so good that it’s a-peeling!" Photo courtesy of Kanna Pichappan
10361 mystery box
Mystery boxes with a variety of items were hidden around campus for April Fool's day. Alexa Simao–The Tech

Regarding “MLK Jr. Gala Action & Remarks”, March 7, 2024

While I agree with their intent of fighting injustice in the spirit of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in many cases the authors' statements, or conspicuous absence of statements, contradict what Dr. King publicly said.

A statement on Jewish activism, safety, and recent events at MIT

Note: this statement is being cross-published in the MIT Faculty Newsletter 

In Support of Science for Liberation, Not Oppression: Vote YES

Referendum #2 unequivocally demonstrates to the MIT administration that our undergraduate community stands in support of liberation for the Palestinian people—not with those in power who continue the violence in Gaza. 

Campus Life

Bursting the MIT Bubble

It’s one thing to get to places without relying on Google Maps, but it’s another thing to know the people and stories that make up a place.

10349 vi trinh email

lost and found

10339 teresa neff

Inside the Mind of a Musicologist


MIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Marks Mini-UROP Program’s Tenth Year

Key players in the mini-UROP’s behind-the-scenes work reflect on what the program has come to mean to the Institute.

Chlormequat chloride in oats: what it means for us

In 2018, the EPA first allowed the importation of chlormequat, and thus it was introduced into American diets. The EWG realized that while some research indicated potential impacts on mammalian fertility and development, the USDA and FDA were not testing for chlormequat in foods and were not conducting any research...

10335 edmund bertschinger

Prof. Edmund Bertschinger shares his perspective on the importance of science activism and diversity in STEM