MIT requires all faculty and staff to be vaccinated to work on campus

The email writes that the decision to require the vaccine was based on “understanding of the science behind the vaccines, their established safety and efficacy, and their wide availability across the state and country.”


Geathers and Chen re-elected as UA president and vice president in 2021 election

The UA presidential election and elections for all positions (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, social chair, and publicity chair) in the four Class Councils were uncontested. 

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Graduating students and families commemorate with photos in a largely vacant Killian Court prior to the Class of 2021’s virtual Commencement. Kristina Chen–The Tech

First Generation/Low Income Working Group submits final report

The group divided into four subgroups beginning in January 2020: benchmarking; focus groups; data collection; and resources, services, and academic experiences.


Seniors end their time at MIT with a bang — literally!

To all our graduating seniors, we have been thunderstruck by your warmth and the wisdom you’ve shared with us for these past years, and we can’t wait to see how else you’ll light up the world.

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PNR Switch: The world works in mysterious ways. Alina Sarmiento–The Tech
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MIT Divest releases Climate Conscious Pledges

Despite taking these important steps, MIT has once again refused to include divestment or any other explicit action against fossil fuel companies in the CAP.

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Palestinian academics share the tragic reality of life under occupation

Eleyan adds, “For a moment, I sat there thinking only of the other victims my age, who also had big dreams of the future. I wondered if I would be next.” 

guest column

Free Palestine

I stand in solidarity with you. My heart longs for you. I know what it is to be oppressed.

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Pride Month, Commencement, pre-registration

Commencement for the Class of 2021 will take place online June 4.

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Graduation is not the end

Yes, this is a love letter to The Tech and every staff member on it, because what else would it be?

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Thank you all for making MIT so hard to say goodbye to. Gloria Lin–The Tech

MIT to require COVID-19 vaccine for all students

All MIT students should be vaccinated before the fall semester begins and should share their current vaccine status via COVID Pass.

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The story is not over

I’m comfortable with the word “queer,” but people still don’t get it. This secret is trapped. It has been for years.

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MIT Shakespeare Ensemble takes on the YouTube stage

The virtual production keeps the spirit of the Shakespeare Ensemble alive, finding new opportunities for creativity, humor, and acting within the medium of video.


Class of 2024 declares majors

The School of Engineering retained its first place in terms of first-year enrollment, with its share increasing from 67.9% (751 students) to 69.5% (744 students).


Juneteenth recognized as Institute holiday

Juneteenth has been adopted by MIT as an Institute holiday, effective this summer, President L. Rafael Reif wrote in an email to the MIT community May 5.


Proposal to increase first-year spring credit limit passed at May faculty meeting

Faculty then voted on the motion to increase the spring credit limit, which passed with 95 votes of yes and 12 votes of no.

Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart to step down July 1

Barnhart: “We recognize that before even thinking about a solution to a problem, we should go to the students and get their reactions. We know that top down decision-making doesn't work.”

MIT announces new climate action plan for the next decade

In order to accomplish this, MIT will introduce a new organizational structure in the plan that will “help amplify MIT’s voice, increase involvement across the community, and improve accountability,” Zuber said.


Social innovation — a corporate revolution or lip service?

Flagships in technology, finance, and fossil fuel industries have all promised to join society’s struggle against climate change, racism, rising economic inequality, and social disparities. 

MIT should require all students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 this fall

With a safe return to campus and the health of community members at stake, MIT should make a commitment to our wellbeing by requiring all students to be vaccinated in the fall.

#StopAsianHate: A call to action for the MIT community

For far too long, MIT has excused racism, fetishization, and anti-Asian sentiment within the Institute. We must begin to acknowledge that these issues cannot be divorced from our campus.


AJR’s ‘OK Orchestra’ is more than just okay

When AJR put out this album, they remarked that while it might not explicitly talk about the COVID-19 pandemic, the songs on it are certainly a product of its time.

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A moving undercover thriller based on true events

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What it takes to love

Campus Life
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Being human is strange

Dear Muslim MIT

I was asked recently what Ramadan means to me, and honestly it means family. Right now, all I feel is the void of me not being with them.

A laundry list of decision-making advice

I was left choosing between an adventure of a lifetime or a guaranteed good time with my friends in a city I know and love.