Dance party held to celebrate conclusion of Reif’s presidency

“I could not have asked for a more delightful memory of the people of MIT,” Reif wrote.


MIT GSU-UE heralds upcoming bargaining meeting with Sept. 12 rally

“MIT admin need to know that when they are sitting down at the bargaining table next week, they are not just bargaining with the 24 members” of the BC, but with “thousands” of graduate students, Hanna said.

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An MIT-quality labor agreement

Collective bargaining between MIT’s graduate student workers and administration is about to officially begin. Unfortunately, both sides are already off to a disappointing start. The administration and union organizers have been too focused on rhetoric and not enough on honesty.


MIT Strategic Action Plan for Belonging, Achievement, and Composition released

While emphasizing that diversity, equity, and inclusion were still priorities for the Institute and “remain front and center in the final version,” Reif wrote that the steering team shifted the focus to belonging, achievement, and composition because they believe “those words better reflect how we think about our community and its values.”

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MIT: REGRESSIONS, a feature-length documentary created by MIT students Luke Igel ('22) and Wesley Block ('22), premiers in 26-100 Sunday 9/18. The documentary follows the history of the Institute, spanning from World War 2 to COVID-19; the screening was presented by MIT Lecture Series Committee (LSC). Kate Lu–The Tech

133 first years enter FYRE process

The number of first years opting to FYRE rose sharply from last year when 89 students attempted to FYRE and is comparable to 2019 when 121 students attempted to FYRE.

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Career fair, final exams schedule, add date

Career fair will take place in person Sept. 23, which is also a student holiday.


Falling into the firehose

Though it certainly won’t be pouring buckets this weekend, light showers are likely to occur on Sunday, so it’s a good idea to keep that umbrella with you just in case.

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MIT community members celebrate at the MIT Dance Party that President Reif hosted prior to concluding his time as MIT president, Saturday. Rila Shishido–The Tech
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MIT community members celebrate at the MIT Dance Party that President Reif hosted prior to concluding his time as MIT president, Saturday.
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To get to go on a trip abroad, complete this game of bureaucracy. Arun Wongprommoon–The Tech
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We're all just flesh and bones, but somehow, this particular body is not permitted to cross a border.

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Students browse through the items for purchase at the UA's Trash to Treasure event in Lobby 10, Sunday. Alexa Simao–The Tech
9880 passport
Auctioning off my passport for months at a time is very anxiety-inducing. Arun Wongprommoon–The Tech

Dance party, career week, career fair

MIT Dance Party marking the end of Reif's presidency will be Sept. 17.

Sweater weather to make things better

A high pressure system will move eastwards over New England to bring some cold, dry weather to Cambridge this weekend.

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Our facilities workers deserve a fair contract now, not a pay cut

MIT's administration continues to chase profits rather than devoting its immense resources to supporting the well-being of the people that keep MIT functioning. But workers are fighting back.

Do members run this union?

The union has recently announced internally that bargaining will, in fact, be closed to all graduate students, save for members of the Bargaining Committee and a handful of graduate students.

MIT can address this elephant in the room: Bad periods!

Most physicians do not know how to screen for adenomyosis, and there is barely any research on it.

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Being cynical about love

Sure, I see couples basking in the sun at the local park or drinking wine at a fancy restaurant, but while romantic love is a reality for them, it’s not for me.

Breathe in, breathe out

Never had I experienced true silence until I descended underwater.

Abundant resources exist but are underutilized

Sometimes we forget that we have the privilege of attending one of the best universities in the world.