Majority of interim student suspensions stemming from on-campus pro-Palestinian protests lifted

23 different students received these suspensions; over the following weeks, they engaged in what they described as stressful, demoralizing meetings with representatives of the administration while continuing to engage in increasingly escalated process action, in a weeks-long review process that ultimately saw many of these sanctions lifted.


Israeli and Jewish students celebrate community and culture amidst pro-Palestinian protests

In the final weeks of the semester, Israeli and Jewish students came together on a number of occasions to celebrate community, culture, and identity in the aftermath of pro-Palestinian protests on campus.


Barnhart PhD ’88 announces formation of the Future of the Arts at MIT Committee

In an email to the MIT community on June 3, Provost Cynthia Barnhart PhD ’88 announced the formation of the Future of the Arts at MIT Committee to “advise the Institute on new ways to envision the place of the arts in our community.” Course 8 (Physics) Professor Peter Fisher PhD ’88 will chair the committee. Members of the committee include several MIT faculty and individuals from outside of the Institute, including Paola Antonelli, curator of design at the Museum of Modern Art and Paul Ha, director of the List Visual Arts Center.


After the firehose: the Class of 2024 reflect upon their time at the Institute amidst commencement celebrations

On May 31, the Institute’s Class of 2024 gathered at Killian Court for the Undergraduate Ceremony, part of three day commencement proceedings. 1099 undergraduates received their diplomas.


UA shares report regarding UROP student experiences

In an email to the undergraduate community on May 22, the MIT Undergraduate Association (UA) released the “Final Report on the MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.” Paul Irvine ’24, UA Chair of Public Affairs (UAPA), stated that the report, which was written by himself, Lindsay Bolino ’24, Enoch Ellis ’26, Miguel Buitrago ’26, and Haylea Brock ’27, is a compilation of what the UA has learned regarding the student experience with undergraduate research at MIT. 


After the firehose: the Class of 2024 reflect upon their time at the Institute amidst commencement celebrations

On May 31, the Institute’s Class of 2024 gathered at Killian Court for the Undergraduate Ceremony, part of three day commencement proceedings. 1099 undergraduates received their diplomas.


MIT administration releases results from 2024 Quality of Life survey

On June 5, the Office of the Provost released the results of the Quality of Life 2024 Survey. Open to responses from faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars and students, the survey was open for a month between February 15 and closed on March 19. 11,746 students and employees from both the Institute’s campus in Cambridge and the Lincoln Laboratory responded in total for 43% response rate. Undergraduates responded at a rate of 38%, a slight increase from the response rate two years prior of 35%.

Campus Life

I Was The Token Man And I Had to Leave

The Group crystallized me, froze me, before their ocean dissolved and diluted me into…nothing. Or something, but something expendable.

an ellie for your thoughts

Dear Ex-Girlfriend

When I met you in the fall, you were just what I needed.

staff spotlight

A librarian of human stories

Meet Ms. Emilie Songolo, Head of Distinctive Collections

Campus Life

Free Listening

A strange loneliness crept over me when I noticed the man with a "Free Listening" sign sitting on the steps of Lobby 7.

movie review

Spaceman fudges an impossibly cosmic setting to half-heartedly deliver a deeply human drama

As Spaceman concludes its nearly two-hour runtime, I can’t help but feel disappointed. I have really mixed feelings from this film — its message is fantastic, its theming is exquisite, its pacing is messy, and its execution is downright abysmal.

album review

Obsession, grief, and club bangers: 2024’s brat is Charli XCX’s best album to date

The queen of innovative pop is back and better than ever

concert review

Tech Night at Pops: a long-lasting tradition worth attending

The Boston Pops performed repertoire appropriate for the festive occasion: well-known celebratory pieces, iconic film scores, and jazz masterworks.


Reshma Shetty ’08 PhD delivers keynote speech for the 2024 MIT School of Engineering and Schwarzman College of Computing degree ceremony

Shetty: “A startup is the best way to work on problems that matter to me.”


MIT Biotechnology Group holds its first life sciences poster session

On May 8, the MIT Biotechnology Group held their first Life Sciences Poster Session event, where dozens of undergraduates presented highlights from their UROPs, ranging from drug delivery to sea robots.

guest column

Is MIT’s #MindHandHeart for a #BetterWorld compatible with its “vibrant” complicity in Israel’s genocide of Palestinians in Gaza?

What could make an elderly senior faculty at one of the nation’s leading institutions of higher education so upset that he stood up, banged his cane on the floor, and demanded that the discussion of recently suspended MIT students protesting against the genocide in Gaza come to an immediate halt because of the turn it had taken.


Our Intifada

Our demand to hostile administrators and the government remains clear: end the US and Israel’s horrific assault on the besieged Palestinians of Gaza and divest from financial and research ties to Israeli apartheid. We publicly challenged MIT to stop doing weapons and surveillance research for the Israeli Ministry of Defense and immediately end Israeli military funding for campus research. To beat down the “student’s intifada,” as it came to be called, police forces across the nation—city, state, county, highway, and campus—arrested almost 3,000 of us. 


A Critical Examination of a Primary Protester Demand

One of the primary demands of the recent protests, as listed in the UA and GSU referenda, is for MIT to cut all research associated with the Israeli military. The explanation given is “MIT’s institutional complicity in furthering violence against the Palestinian people through the Institute’s special ties with the...

A response to President Kornbluth’s letter to the alumni community

Dear President Kornbluth,

Diasporism – A Radical Vision for Jewish Self-Determination

Publisher’s note: this article was originally published in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning student magazine “Silt” (Vol. 1) and in the pro-Palestinian student magazine “Written Revolution” (Vol. 3).




Interview with Boston Marathon runner David Suarez ’25

The Boston Marathon is one of the oldest and most famous marathons in the world. It takes place annually on Patriot’s Day in Boston, Massachusetts, attracting tens of thousands of elite runners and excited spectators. Totaling to more than 26 miles with numerous challenging segments, the Boston Marathon requires all...



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10564 n09 wide tim

Friendship reaches far and wide: An interview with Margaret Zheng and Wide Tim

a portrait painted in nonexistent colors

“do you know who you are? looking back at you now, you spend too much time thinking about this question; there is no reason, at least in my mind, that you need to prove that the answer to this question is “a good person.” all you really want, in the...

Dear Mom

I will share the epistolary thoughts I had in my mind this past month, thoughts that feel like an imaginary conversation with you, except you are silent.