ASEs administered online again, math diagnostic returns to campus

The annual math diagnostic exam was offered in person Aug. 30 during orientation week after being administered online in Fall 2020. 862 first year students took it.


Guests of MIT Staff may access campus via new Tim Tickets

A Tim Ticket invitation is valid for seven consecutive days. Upon expiry, the MIT host may send a new invitation.


BibimBox, Carolicious, Las Palmas open in Lobdell Dining

A sign in Lobdell Dining reads that the goal of the partnership is to “bring diverse, authentic flavors” to MIT while also “creating powerful opportunities for local BIPOC-owned food businesses.”


FPOPs conducted on campus after virtual events last fall

First-Year Pre-Orientation Programs (FPOP) were held on campus Aug. 23–28 or 29. All FPOP events were virtual last fall.

9628 20210914t124037z fus launchpad1
With the opening of the Commonwealth Kitchen Launchpad, students have three new and accessible options for food in the Student Center. Stephanie Fu
9629 math department door
The mathematics department saw a larger number of participants in the 18.01 ASE than in previous years due to changes in credit eligibility. Farin Tavacoli–The Tech

Showers shaping summer’s shadow

If you enjoy a good rainstorm, this is the perfect time for you — personally, I recommend rain as the perfect backdrop to a productive psetting, as long as you don’t keep your window too wide open. 

in short

Half-term add date, HackMIT, career week

Sept. 17 is the last day to add half-term subjects taking place in the first half of the term.

cursed thoughts

It comes in waves

I allow myself to digest my body from the inside out.

9624 img 0425
When I was a freshman, I wrote that MIT was suffocating. I’m drowning in it again. Gloria Lin–The Tech
9631 trello
PNR Trello: pseudo productivity aka planning procrastination aka pacifying pacesetting aka paradoxical preparation aka p Alina Sarmiento–The Tech
wenbo’s walks

Bikes and bridges

While I can try my best to be “perfect,” it’s fundamentally impossible to achieve.

9625 2021 fyre final

63 first years and 137 sophomores switch residences through FYRE and SYRE

Hayden Library reopens after renovations

Renovation of the Hayden Library began in January 2020, following a design phase that included input from the MIT community and was guided by the Ad Hoc Task Force on the Future of Libraries.

Registration, HASS forms, PE classes

The first day of first quarter PE classes is Sept. 13.


MIT Divest releases Climate Conscious Pledges

Despite taking these important steps, MIT has once again refused to include divestment or any other explicit action against fossil fuel companies in the CAP.

Palestinian academics share the tragic reality of life under occupation

Eleyan adds, “For a moment, I sat there thinking only of the other victims my age, who also had big dreams of the future. I wondered if I would be next.” 

Free Palestine

I stand in solidarity with you. My heart longs for you. I know what it is to be oppressed.

Campus Life

Advice for a first-year college student

“Do you know what they call the person who came in last in their class in medical school? Doctor.”

9606 image001

Graduation is not the end

The story is not over

I’m comfortable with the word “queer,” but people still don’t get it. This secret is trapped. It has been for years.