Eastgate Apartments to close at the end of summer

Eastgate and Westgate are currently the only dormitories for graduate students with families.


Working group findings on graduate family support released

The working group’s final report includes findings from the Graduate Enrolled Student Survey showing that the top sources of stress for students with children are related to caring for family, cost of living, and household responsibilities.


John Dozier to become ICEO March 15

President Reif wrote that Dozier “brings to this role an outstanding record of leadership, great personal warmth and a sense of curiosity, enthusiasm and experimentation that feel very MIT.”


Class of 2022 Brass Rat unveiled at Ring Premiere

The Cambridge skyline also includes a black hole, commemorating the first-ever image of one, and a “gilded” Infinite Corridor in recognition of MITHenge.


Ad Hoc Faculty Committee chairs provide updates at faculty meeting Feb. 19

The Ad Hoc Committee to Review MIT Gift Processes is currently looking into peer institutions’ policies.

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An egg dancing away its egg-conomic problems. CAMILLE ULDRY LAVERGNE — THE TECH
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The 2022 Brass Rat design is revealed at Ring Premiere in Kresge Auditorium last Friday.

Admiral William McRaven to speak at Commencement

As a recognized authority on U.S. foreign policy, McRaven advised presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama on defense issues.

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Netflix with Friends Max Yu '21

MIT Women’s Basketball faces a loss at home

After playing the first three quarters exceptionally well, the MIT Women’s Basketball team was outscored 28-13 in the last quarter by Springfield College to face an unlucky loss in a NEWMAC game played last Saturday.

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"Reflections from Beyond the Desk," featuring artwork by talented MIT staff, is on display now until Feb. 28 in the Rotch Library in room 7-238.
wenbo's walks

Goodbye grief, hello H Mart

Massachusetts Avenue is more than a divide between East and West Campus, but what is the illustrious street truly?

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MIT Women's Basketball's Paula Pieper '22 looks for a pass in Saturday's game against Springfield College. Courtesy of Robert Krawitz
concert review

The time is ripe for good music

Seven-man band Ripe held the musical equivalent of a homecoming game over the weekend. Back in Boston where they started, the group performed at two back-to-back sold out shows at the House of Blues.

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Boston-based band Ripe performs for an excited crowd at the House of Blues Feb. 15.
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Dancers light up the night in Little Kresge at Mocha Moves' Cirque du Moleil performance last Friday and Saturday.
theater review

‘The Cake’: slow to bake, but layered with sweetness 

Inspired by her father's own opposition to same-sex marriage and her own Southern upbringing, Brunstetter presents dialogue that speaks to the trauma of growing up queer in a Christian community.

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Eastgate (E55), standing between the Sloan School and ongoing construction in Kendall Square, is projected to close August 2020. Ben Kettle–The Tech

Kenji López-Alt: The Nerd King of Internet Cooking

It seemed as though a career spent experimenting with food would be more fun than with cell cultures for López-Alt.

guest column

MIT: world renowned research institute or luxury developer?

“MIT’s proposed rent hikes do nothing to relieve the rent burden of those living off campus, while actively worsening the lives of those on campus.”

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Karen MacDonald plays Della in a recent production of ‘The Cake’ at The Lyric Stage Company. Courtesy of Mark S. Howard
guest column

Does merit matter in America?

“Preferential access becomes a self-perpetuating pyramid scheme as long as alumni have children.”


Why are relationships so hard at MIT?

“Somehow, though it boasts Nobel laureates, CEOs, and some of the most brilliant minds on the face of the earth, MIT has missed one of the most crucial tenets of life.”

Challenges of graduate student medical leave

“I did not realize that the equivalent of S3 for graduate students is woefully inadequate.”

Endorsements are dumb

“Why should we, the readers of The Tech, care about what MIT Democrats have to say? The answer is that we shouldn’t.”

Campus Life

Stressed-out senior

Just take a first step in a direction that seems right for you at this moment in time. Things will change, and that’s alright.

Party food and relationships

Be yourself and focus on doing what you enjoy, and things will follow.

Boredom blues

You can learn a lot from an experience even if it’s not the most ideal. Be curious and be open to possibilities.


The Holten-Andersen Group’s approach to bio-inspired materials

There is no question that nature is the best engineer. As hard as material scientists try, replicating nature’s intricate processes and networks is a holy grail that often seems nearly unattainable. Instead of attempting to copy nature, some scientists draw inspiration from nature’s mechanisms and apply them to the synthesis...

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Creating compounds with catalysts

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Starving cancer by controlling cell proliferation