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COVID-19 live updates: Virtual career fair, BC to be quarantine center, CAPD announces student resources

A virtual Spring Career Fair will be held April 8. Students, postdocs, and alumni can book virtual appointments with CAPD through Careerbridge, powered by Handshake.  Burton Conner “has been designated for students... who may need quarantine or isolation.”


First case of COVID-19 confirmed in MIT community

MIT Medical is starting a public health investigation, including contacting the student, following up with their social circle “as warranted,” and “exchanging information with public health officials.”


MIT announces online commencement and future in-person celebration

Reif wrote that “in a world so disrupted by Covid-19,” it would not be possible to conduct the Institute’s traditional in-person commencement, hooding, and Tech Reunions this May.


MIT no longer considers SAT subject tests as part of admissions process

MIT Admissions will not consider the subject tests even if students have already taken them. “If we weren’t going to require them from everyone, we didn’t want to consider them for anyone,” Schmill wrote.


MIT students petition against virtual commencement

“The ideal alternative... would be postponement of commencement to a later date deemed safe for all students and family to convene in Killian Court, even if that means May 2021,” Choi wrote, noting the “utter unpredictability of the future.” 


Faculty discuss Flexible P/NR policy

Sophomore Exploratory and Junior-Senior P/D/F would be eliminated under this policy, since Flexible P/NR is intended to replace these options. There are no restrictions on how many of the 48 units can be applied in a given semester.


Blake, Sharon, Waitz share COVID-19 updates at faculty meeting

Emergency management, the DSL, and the Institute’s space planning working group are also “developing plans to support community members that reside in surrounding areas, including some students who returned to homes locally, that may need a place to self-quarantine in the future,” Sharon wrote. 


Majority of MISTI programs suspended for the summer

MISTI Africa, Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Russia/Eurasia, Spain, Switzerland, and Uruguay summer programs have been suspended.

9375 covidmit 1
On an empty MIT campus, The Alchemist sculpture is seen wearing a face mask with the words ‘Welcome 2024s’ written on it. Kevin Ly–The Tech

Over 17 tested for COVID-19, none positive yet

If a positive test were received, Stuopis wrote that MIT Medical would “would inform the MIT community quickly, and work with the department of public health to notify any individuals who had contact with the COVID-19 positive patient.”

together whenever

Four ways that MIT taught me how to love

“Give a little love to the person who lives down the hall, the random classmate sitting next to you, or the cutie you find yourself staring at when walking down the Infinite.”

in short

Undergraduate building switch process, become an MITPal, CP★ ideas and content

Applications for the Undergraduate Building Switch process close March 30.

9383 never really apart 3.25.2020
There’s a sense of comfort in knowing that when you’re back together in person, the connection will be there. CAMILLE ULDRY LAVERGNE—THE TECH
together whenever

Never really apart

In our first few weeks of dating, we were inseparable. Now, three years later, I think we know how to be apart.

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The IFC’s new “six inch rule” requires six inches of distance between cups. Courtesy of Anton Peraire-Bueno
movie review

‘The Burnt Orange Heresy’: not everybody’s a critic

Sizzling romance. Lavish estates. European backdrop. Default British people for an English movie that is set in Europe.

9382 burntorangeheresy
Claes Bang and Elizabeth Debicki’s chemistry shines in Giuseppe Capotondi’s latest film, ‘The Burnt Orange Heresy.’ Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

IFC votes to implement “six inch rule” for beer pong

“If separating our cups by six inches means our hospitals are better equipped to handle the influx of patients, then that’s what we’ve gotta do.”

9385 techill2
At this point, I've gone through all five stages of grief three times over. Max Yu—The Tech
community immunity

Goodbye MIT, not bye for good

So yes, when it comes to love, I’m bad at words. I’m trying to improve, which is why I’m writing this love letter to you all.

9381 techill
My last few days at MIT involved anything but a pset. Max Yu—The Tech
me vs. me

On handling emotions when the world is ending

The me who wants to fight for justice versus the me who can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Class of 2024 admissions rate rises to 7.3%

MIT released its regular action decisions for the Class of 2024 March 14. Of the 20,075 students who applied this admissions cycle, 1,457 students were admitted, making for a 7.3% acceptance rate. Of these, 687 students were admitted early, from a pool of 9,291 early applicants.

G. Anthony Grant becomes new DAPER head

Grant said that DAPER has “a very unique opportunity to be a key contributor to enhancing the overall sense of health and well-being across the Institute” and is committed “to serve not only our varsity student athletes but all of the students across campus.”

Housing intent forms, carry-out dining, thank a community member

Students who have not yet done so should fill out their housing intent forms.


Corona extra extra, read all about it!

“Choose your fighter: ‘Love is Blind’ or ‘The Bachelor.’”

Now is the time for community, solidarity, and love

So even as we close public places, ranging from churches to restaurants, movie theaters to sports games, as part of necessary social distancing measures, we must not close off our hearts.

MIT should increase support for students in response to COVID-19

For international students attending MIT on tenuous student visas or fearful of an increasingly dangerous situation at home, the resources required and risks associated with leaving campus far exceed the support provided by administration.

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A movie and a play and a graphic novel rolled into one

Building poverty

In the new documentary ‘East Lake Meadows: A Public Housing Story,’ directors Sarah Burns and David McMahon remind us that housing is not just a building where we live; it’s intertwined with where we work, what opportunities our children have, and how we interact with the rest of society.

Let your dreams come true

Whether you are an experienced gamer or an aspiring creator, ‘Dreams’ offers something for everybody to explore.


DAPER cancels varsity athletics after March 15

The Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation announced March 11 that the 2020 spring sports season will be canceled effective March 15 in response to the Institute’s decision to move to online instruction. 

Teams earn top spots in championship tournaments

Men’s Baseball (2-1) opened their season strong last Thursday with a 9-5 win against UMass Boston before losing to Endicott College in a 12-7 game and earning victory over Nichols College in a 13-7 final.

9371 dsc08555   ben kettle

MIT Sailing finishes third at Wood Trophy

Campus Life

She showed me how to put effort into a college friendship

But Flora didn’t see me as a convenience friend, a friend you’re only friends with because of your classes or extracurriculars or living group. After freshman fall, she actively attempted to remain in my life.

Closer to the heavens

I would like to preface this by saying that in light of the developing COVID-19 situation, starting next column, all walks will be held either in the forests of Northern Virginia where no human interaction is possible or virtually at Zoom University.

Love in the time of corona

So Love, love and love, for love is more viral than Corona.

9352 lnsp oct 9 2018

Engineering nuclear policy

The Holten-Andersen Group’s approach to bio-inspired materials

There is no question that nature is the best engineer. As hard as material scientists try, replicating nature’s intricate processes and networks is a holy grail that often seems nearly unattainable. Instead of attempting to copy nature, some scientists draw inspiration from nature’s mechanisms and apply them to the synthesis...

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Creating compounds with catalysts