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Sam Austin '20 and other students contemplate their PSets in the Infinite Corridor as part of the 'Infinite PSets: For the Greater Good' event March 20. Shinjini Ghosh–The Tech

MIT releases Class of 2023 regular action decisions

MIT released its Regular Action decisions for the Class of 2023 on March 14, Pi Day. Of the 21,312 students who applied (including Early Action), 1,410 students were admitted. Of these, 707 students were admitted early, from a record high Early Action pool of 9,600 students.


6-9, 22-ENG majors proposed at faculty meeting

Two new Bachelor of Science majors were proposed at the faculty meeting March 20. One is a joint major between the EECS and Brain and Cognitive Sciences (BCS) departments, and the other is a flexible nuclear science engineering major.

letter to the editor

Dean of Student Life responds to columns on student housing

We agree that the foundation for good relations is hearing each other out, understanding others’ perspectives, and trusting that we all want what is best for our community. We know that reaching consensus isn’t easy, and that top-down, one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work well. The DSL keeps these realities in mind when we work with students on projects like designing the New Vassar Street residence hall or improving the room-assignment and move-in processes. Every project is different, but our approach is to listen to students’ ideas and concerns, and we ask that they listen to ours.


Phi Sigma Rho sorority inducts new members

MIT’s colony of the Phi Sigma Rho sorority joined the Interfraternity Council as a probationary member Oct. 11 this past fall. The sorority inducted its new candidates this past weekend.


East Campus to build Blue Origin-themed REX ride

East Campus will theme one of its 2019 REX rides after aerospace manufacturer Blue Origin in exchange for funding from Blue Origin CEO Jeff Bezos.

guest column

Rejection, boycotts: moving forward with mutual selection

Amidst the growing number of housing controversies that seem to jeopardize student culture without regard for student opinion, some students have been trying to take matters into their own hands to get the administration’s attention. Among these plans was a boycott of CPW to protest the new “design exercise,” which imposes restrictions on mutual selection and allows squatting for freshmen during the rooming process. While it is frustrating that the administration seems to hold little regard for student input, the CPW boycott and the narrative around housing changes have been binary and ineffective for all parties. To shed some light on the issue, I’ll share some of my experiences with REX, thoughts on the process, and suggestions for the administration and ourselves to sow a better conversation around housing changes.

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MIT acappella group, Resonance, performs in celebration of Pi Day. Sophia Fang

Spring break shuttle service, host for CPW

Shuttle service from Kresge to Logan Airport is available from Thursday to Saturday at scheduled departure times.

CSAIL responds to tweet from Trump about pilots, MIT computer scientists

The official Twitter account of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory replied, “We're very happy to help. But maybe we can keep the pilots, too?”

Graduate PE registration, nominations for MIT Awards

Graduate registration is open for fourth quarter Physical Education classes.


Data, inclusion, and the DSL

Data is much better at finding problems than solutions; data offers a single path of making changes to measured variables in attempt to relocate data points to within the acceptable or normal range, as defined by DSL.

A history of broken promises in the New Vassar dorm design

A look into how the DSL failed to uphold its promises on the New Vassar dorm.

Ethical change requires more than a billion dollars

What the MIT administration, faculty, and students can do to address the ethical concerns of the College of Computing.

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Head of the Charles Regatta 2018

MIT Cricket runners up in American College Cricket Northeast Championship 2018

MIT Cricket recovered from a crushing loss against Northeastern in the first league game but missed out narrowly in the final to finish as runners-up in the American College Cricket North East Championship held Oct. 6 and 7 in Queens, NY.

MIT Cricket beats UMass Lowell by six wickets in thrilling last ball encounter

In a game that had its fair share of twists and turns, MIT emerged victorious thanks to an excellent all-around bowling performance and a half-century by Vaikkunth Mugunthan G.

Campus Life

Drive through Boston/Cambridge

“I don’t know when to turn,” I said, vaguely panicked. My partner responded with something reassuring. He was buckled into the passenger seat beside me, and I envied his comfort. Through the windows, I could see cars all around us, zipping by in front or at rest across the street,...

Faltering friendships and careless classmates

Don’t think so much. Enjoy yourself. It’s OK.

‘How do I stop myself from feeling like this?’

Auntie Matter advises a student going through a self-described “midlife crisis.”

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‘Watch, perturb, and map’

What happens to science when the government closes?

The longest government shutdown in U.S. history ended last Friday. MIT researchers wrote to The Tech to recount how they were impacted by losses of funding, cancelled conference sessions, missed opportunities for collaborations, and more.

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Towards the future of nuclear energy: materials