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New Vassar remains under construction but is scheduled to open January 2021. Nathan Liang–The Tech
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Flu vaccines, second quarter PE and half-term classes

Flu vaccines are available at MIT Medical flu clinic in the Johnson Athletic Center from 8 a.m.–4 p.m for all Covid Pass participants and enrolled students until Friday.


MIT considering delayed start to spring semester

The delayed start date would be Feb. 16 or 17 instead of Feb. 1. IAP will remain remote and run Jan. 4–29.


Get Out the Vote festival encourages students to vote

Performers at the event included Yo-Yo Ma, Duckwrth, Joyce Wrice, Bren Joy, Brandon Banks, Raye Zaragoza, HOAX, Mariela Shaker, the Couchsleepers, Solstice Fayemz, and Lil Seyi. MIT’s Asian Dance Team, Bhangra, Mirchi, and Casino Rueda dance groups also contributed performances. 


Simmons pod program paused after pod ‘intermingling’ incidents

Members of separate pods intermingling violated the agreement signed by pod members, which states that students must “exercise strict social distancing with those outside their pod.”


MIT celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Day

MIT’s virtual Indigenous Peoples’ Day celebration included a sunrise ceremony, musical performances, a fireside chat, and a series of presentations by members of the indigenous community on campus.


All MIT students in U.S. required to take flu shot by Oct. 30

Students seeking exemptions to the flu shot can fill out an online form, although exemptions will only be granted for medical or religious reasons.

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The organizing team of the Get Out the Vote Festival Sunday, which featured a host of talents and speakers. YU JING CHEN ’22
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The only ducks who can float truly effortlessly are rubber ducks, and the rest of us can only pretend. Gloria Lin — The Tech
me vs. me

On floating and drowning ducks

After all, suffering creates bonds; just ask anyone who’s psetted in Stud 5 until daybreak.

wenbo’s walks

When you wish upon a moon

Whom do you see on the moon?

documentary review

‘All In’ is an appeal to fundamental American rights

As the days tick down to Nov. 3, politicians, activists, and Americans nationwide glue anxious eyes to the final stretch of what may be the most unprecedented election cycle in recent history…. ‘All In: The Fight For Democracy’ adds valuable insight to this conversation.

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‘All In: The Fight for Democracy’ illustrates the myriad forms of voter suppression throughout American history and highlights the importance of voting for our democracy. Courtesy of Amazon Studios
tv review

‘Saturday Night Live’s’ Season 46 premiere offers satisfying satire of a world on fire

The best comedy often must straddle the line between satire and outright offensiveness — but we also don’t usually have a president hospitalized with the same virus that he profoundly mismanaged.

concert review

Vocals in concert with voting in the countdown to Election Day

Sweeping and soothing, the Intercollegiate Get Out the Vote Festival featured a talented coalition of artists and speakers who leveraged art “in concert” with civic action.

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Invitational winner xiii faces off against Plup in game one of a first-to-five series Oct. 3. GRACE SONG — THE TECH
video games

Crossovers on crossovers

In a well-anticipated crossover episode, UltiMIT hosted a Smash Ultimate tournament with a special appearance from Plup, a full-time professional and globally-ranked in Smash.


Indigenous People’s Day, half-term finals, flu shots

Indigenous People's Day is Monday. No classes will be held. Tuesday will follow the Monday schedule of classes.

MIT Medical provider tested positive for COVID-19

Stuopis wrote that the affected individual “is isolating at home” and “doing well.” Additionally, MIT responded to the positive case with “swift action.”

Simmons dining worker tests positive for COVID-19

Dinner service for Simmons residents was temporarily moved to Lobdell Dining Hall in the Student Center for the evening following Hayes’ email.


Speak up to save Armenian lives

Our dearest wish right now is for the fighting to stop, but that won’t happen until the corrupt, authoritarian Azerbaijani regime calling for violence is stopped.

Stop telling URMs to wait for change

URM students are suffering today. We shouldn’t bank all of our hopes for a just MIT on a multi-year process when there are many simple changes that can be implemented immediately.

Reusable utensils pilot underway

On Sept. 24, 2020, an article was published in the opinion section of The Tech titled “Regaining a culture of sustainability amid a pandemic,” written by Jen Fox, detailing steps MIT Dining could take to reduce the waste produced during COVID operations. To many readers living on campus, where plastic...

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Men’s Volleyball coach highlights a season cut short

Sailing seniors appreciate their time on and off the water

“We made a really good effort of spending time together outside of practice at MIT and even now, from all our corners of the world.”

Women’s tennis coach honors her team’s efforts

“Although our season was cut short and we only got to play 5 team matches, I felt that we had already come a long way in being invested in each other and in competing hard for each other.”