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‘The Tech’ stands with Black communities

Names — Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tony McDade — and voices can no longer go unheard. We stand in solidarity with the courageous protestors, organizers, and heroes who fight each day for justice.

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Demonstrators hold signs on the steps in front of Lobby 7. KEVIN PHO — THE TECH
open letter

2021 Class Council requests guaranteed on-campus access for incoming seniors

The MIT senior year experience is grounded in the fulfillment of an MIT education, which extends beyond what a year of virtual schooling can sufficiently provide. As seniors embark on the journey of their final year at MIT, a presence on campus will be essential for their success, and favorable for MIT’s longevity.

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The Caterpillar Project visualizes galaxies through beautiful simulations. Courtesy of Kaley Brauer
lab spotlight

Simulating galactic formation

The Caterpillar Project is made to simulate the formation of a large number of Milky Way-like galaxies at a high resolution from a statistical standpoint. The Caterpillar Project aims to understand galaxy formations by using dark-matter-only simulations.


MIT commits to developing and implementing Institute-wide plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion

The plan will be developed with input from “across the community,” including Black Students’ Union (BSU) and Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) representatives.


UA holds grading policy forum

Danheiser wrote that APART is “seeking input from both students and instructors” about grading policies for the fall semester and that a decision will be made by “mid-July.”


Results of remote learning and teaching surveys released

32% of student respondents “strongly” agreed that they would “rather take a semester off than try to do it via remote learning.” An additional 21% of respondents “somewhat” agreed with this statement.

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Then, almost as quickly as it had begun, my euphoria ended.

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Stitches warms my heart, and dear reader, hopefully yours too. Wenbo Wu–The Tech

MIT Campus Police Association announces vote of no confidence in MIT Police Chief John DiFava

The MCPA’s announcement, emailed to The Tech, cited “outdated policies and procedures, poor morale throughout the department, favoritism in personnel decision-making, and a culture that does not support the officers,” as well as the MIT Police Department’s lack of independent review for over two decades. 


UA creates Committee on COVID-19 to advise MIT administration amid pandemic

The committee has gathered undergraduate feedback through a survey released June 21 on grading policy, academics, MIT administrators’ decision-making timeline, residential life, and international student concerns for the upcoming school year. 


2021 Class Council petitions for access to campus for all seniors

The petition adds that senior year is “the final opportunity for students to find closure in the relationships they’ve built throughout their time at MIT” and “an important time to foster class unity.” 

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The Gehrke Lab is working to develop diagnostic and treatment tools for COVID-19, the novel coronavirus. Courtesy of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
science feature

Scientific collaboration in the era of COVID-19

Scientists across MIT and neighboring institutions are coming together to study the pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2.


Fall pre-registration open for continuing students July 20 to Aug. 14

Callahan wrote that the deadline for students to select preferences for CI-H and CI-HW subjects will be July 31, and the deadline to complete fall pre-registration will be Aug. 14.

Graduate students write letter to Trump in support of OPT and international students

The letter urged Trump to “maintain the OPT program and the STEM OPT extension in their entirety” citing that international students contributed nearly $45 billion and over 450,000 jobs to the U.S. economy during the 2018-19 academic year.

Outside Engagements Survey closed amid controversy

The survey contained six questions each asking students to choose between two hypothetical donor engagements based on the donation amount, “MIT’s recognition of the donor,” the “donor’s intended use for the money,” and the donor’s controversial activities, criminal history, and conviction history.

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MIT’s recycling rate in 2020 was 36%: here’s how we do better

Recognizing the privilege of white America

How to solve the problem? We need to punish the guilty, but the solution also will require white Americans transitioning outside their albino comfort zones and deliberately seeking opportunities to socially integrate.

Student evaluation on the progress of the 2015 BSU/BGSA Recommendations

We call upon MIT to establish an Institute-wide body this Fall with the charge to create a long-term strategic plan, including concrete measures to increase the number of Black graduate students. To be effective this strategic plan must be backed by the purse strings of the Institute.

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Not your traditional love story

‘Tigertail’ is a flawed portrait of an immigrant family

While the film attempts to explore the complexities of a family fragmented by cultural and geographic barriers, its unconvincing character development makes the plot seem forced and the protagonist unsympathetic.

A first look at ‘Kami no Tou’

The long wait is over; ‘Tower of God’ finally has an anime, and even if it is not all what I hoped, I am still finding it enjoyable. We are thrown into a world with little explanation, and the sheer novelty and expanse of the Tower compels me to keep...

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Men’s Volleyball coach highlights a season cut short

Sailing seniors appreciate their time on and off the water

“We made a really good effort of spending time together outside of practice at MIT and even now, from all our corners of the world.”

Women’s tennis coach honors her team’s efforts

“Although our season was cut short and we only got to play 5 team matches, I felt that we had already come a long way in being invested in each other and in competing hard for each other.”

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Fighting coronavirus through research

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Engineering nuclear policy

The Holten-Andersen Group’s approach to bio-inspired materials

There is no question that nature is the best engineer. As hard as material scientists try, replicating nature’s intricate processes and networks is a holy grail that often seems nearly unattainable. Instead of attempting to copy nature, some scientists draw inspiration from nature’s mechanisms and apply them to the synthesis...