MIT professors spearhead petition in support of Microsoft employees protesting contract with ICE

Microsoft's contract provides ICE with cloud-based services, which would enable the agency to “process data on edge devices or utilize deep learning capabilities to accelerate facial recognition and identification.”


OCW videos blocked, then restored, on YouTube

OCW believes the blockage was actually worldwide, contrary to seemingly location-specific error messages viewers received.

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Professor Candis Callison provides the address to the candidates at the 2018 MIT Hooding Ceremony in the Howard W. Johnson Athletic Center. ALEXANDER JEROME SANDBERG – THE TECH

Sheryl Sandberg speaks at MIT Commencement

Acknowledging the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Sandberg said, “It's painful when you miss something, when you make the mistake of believing so much in the good you are seeing that you don't see the bad.”


MIT Solve holds annual flagship meeting

Solve issues four challenges each year, with this year’s being Work of the Future, Frontlines of Health, Teachers and Educators, and Coastal Communities.


MIT Intelligence Quest initiative renamed MIT Quest for Intelligence

CMS/W Professor Kenneth Manning wrote in the MIT Faculty Newsletter about "IQ and its eugenic uses, especially its espousal of racial inferiority."


Sheryl Sandberg on the importance of social solutions and the responsibility of technologists

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is MIT’s 2018 commencement speaker. In a short phone interview, she highlighted the message she wants to convey in her speech and discussed how MIT students contribute to the hope she has for the world.

Campus Life

Consent and consequences

I distinctly remember thinking that all I wanted, even in my intoxicated state, was to be friends.

video game review

Weaving a complex narrative

In the moody future envisioned in Detroit: Become Human, players weave a complex plot of possibility for three androids as they wrestle what it means to be human.

movie review

“That’s MY car!”

The ‘Incredibles 2’ is just as entertaining, intelligent, and action-packed as its predecessor. Featuring memorable music and funny moments alike, audiences will not be disappointed by this long-awaited sequel.

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Winston Deavor gives his "Make supers legal again!" pitch to Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, and Frozone. Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios
guest column

Understanding the Palestinian struggle is not difficult

"Dialogue" is not what is needed in the Palestinian struggle.

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Ready to take on the challenges within, Will stands before an open dungeon gate. Courtesy of 11 bit studios
video game review

Let’s get down to business

Decades after the founding of Rynoka and the discovery of five dungeon gates, you play as Will, a young and adventurous shopkeeper. By day, Will maintains Moonlighter, the shop passed down to him by his old man; but by night, he dives into the Golem Dungeon to fulfill his dreams of someday becoming a true hero.


Students mock, express concern about administration edits to REX event booklet

One of Random Hall's REX Chairs said she disagreed with many of the edits, including the removal of a water pong event and the flagging of a potato-themed event run by an Irish student as an example of stereotyping.

Scattered thunderstorms are not over.

The hot, scattered rainstorms that characterized this past week are set to continue. The past week brought heavy rain and thunder most days, creating a danger of flash floods. In the next few days, watch for more flash flood warnings due to heavy thunderstorms, at least until Sunday. After a...

Supreme Court upholds third iteration of travel ban

There were 40 total undergraduate and graduate students at MIT from Iran in the 2017–18 academic year, seven from Syria, and five from Venezuela, according to the International Students Office’s annual statistics.


The importance of MIT’s telemedicine and telehealth class

MIT's "Telemedicine and Telehealth for Enhancing Global Health" class teaches students valuable information about healthcare accessibility — and it's at risk of not being offered again.

Wingless Cupids

Hook-up culture has done a disservice to college students by undermining our ability to experience romantic love fully.

Talking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The wall that stood outside the Student Center on the week of April 22, 2018 lacked nuance in its presentation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It omitted many important facts.


Fluid intelligence

Artificial intelligence's meaning is vague, and its definition remains fluid as the field evolves. The Tech interviewed three PhD candidates at CSAIL, LIDS and EECS/EEMS/INCCI at MIT on how they interpret the science, and how they work to advance it.

Citizen science

A mysterious object was seen hovering on what seemed to be a perfectly normal day.

The Heavenly Palace falls

A non-operational Chinese space station long expected to fall out of orbit crashed harmlessly into the Pacific last week, but raised concerns about space debris causing damage to orbiting spacecraft.