Meal Plan Working Group to develop a new meal plan model

Director of Campus Dining Mark Hayes said that the Meal Plan Working Group is receiving input from students by including members of the House Dining Committee (HDC) in working group meetings, facilitating discussions with different dorms and their respective heads of houses and interested residents, and opening up an online form where students can provide feedback.


UA Vice President resigns, Charlotte Minsky appointed as successor

Elango wrote in an email to The Tech that Green resigned because he is taking a leave of absence from MIT.


Brothers Marketplace opens in Kendall Square

The store offers higher-priced organic and locally-sourced options. The cooked foods section of the store includes a bakery and cafe, a salad bar, a deli, a hot pretzel display, and a sushi display.


MIT Libraries support staff vote to unionize

Sixty members of the support staff voted in favor, while four voted against.

open letter

Democratize MIT coalition replies to President Reif

Democratize MIT rejects Reif’s autocratic solution to funding committees.

9241 brothers hot foods1   whitney zhang
Brothers Marketplace offers a hot foods section and cafe for shoppers who want more than just groceries. Edwin Song–The Tech
9235 doctorsleep   lior hirschfeld
Ewan McGregor stars as Danny Torrance in Stephen King's 'Doctor Sleep.' Jessica Miglio

Koch portrait in Building 66 covered by artwork ‘Tarnished Horizons’

An email sent to The Tech by the anonymous group describes the painting as “an impressionist rendering of a flaming offshore drilling rig filling the sky with smoke and the sea with oil.”

movie review

‘Doctor Sleep’ might just put you to bed

Torn between paying lip service to Kubrick and wrapping up Stephen King’s saga about the Torrance family, Mike Flanagan makes a film that’s neither a satisfactory follow-up to ‘The Shining’ nor a particularly compelling horror film.

9237 oil 1   kevin ly
A painting of David H. Koch '62 in Building 66 was obscurred by a painting titled Tarnished Horizons set in place by anonymous persons Sunday evening. The painting depicts a flaming offshore oil rig scorching the sea and sky. Kevin Ly–The Tech
9239 soccer   maxwell yun
MIT women's soccer decisively wins against WPI 3-0 in the NEWMAC Championship Saturday. Maxwell Yun–The Tech
movie review

Unlikely heroes

An exhilarating and unexpectedly insightful glimpse into a hidden moment in racing history, ‘Ford v. Ferrari’ captures the excitement of racing and the lives of the people with the passion to fuel this sport.


Women’s Soccer wins NEWMAC championship

MIT soccer team moves on to the 2019 NCAA Division III Championship Tournament with high hopes as they beat WPI in splendid fashion, continuing their 13 match win

9236 ford v ferrari df 07530 r cc rgb   lior hirschfeld
Christian Bale and Noah Jupe star as Ken Miles and Peter Miles, respectively, in 'Ford v Ferrari.' Merrick Morton
9231 ihtfp 9
Boston Weather Jaeho Kim '20
9232 misc6
Late in Lobby 10 Max Yu '21
opera review

How to dupe a queen

A queen finds herself powerless, an orphan finds herself a duchess, and someone finds themselves without a head. Odyssey Opera’s revival of Pacini’s Tudor drama is an unexpected musical delight further enhanced by tasteful staging.

9238 merctrans 1
MIT students and faculty gather around telescopes with solar filters in front of the Stratton Student Center, hoping to catch a glimpse of Mercury in front of the sun through inconvenient cloud cover Monday. Victoria Dzieciol–The Tech
9233 maria amyshoremountobra jamesdemler    lior hirschfeld
Queen Mary I (Amy Shoremount-Obra) and Gualtiero Churchill (James Demler) await the climactic execution. Kathy Wittman

Drop date, student-faculty dinners, leadership award

Students have until 11:59 p.m. Nov. 20 to submit approved changes for drop date, to change a subject from credit to listener, or to petition a December advanced standing exam.

Preliminary unofficial results of Cambridge City Council election released

Incumbents Dennis J. Carlone, Alanna M. Mallon, Marc C. McGovern, E. Denise Simmons, Sumbul Siddiqui, Timothy J. Toomey, Jr., and Quinton Y. Zondervan SM ’95 were re-elected. Patricia M. Nolan and Jivan-Sobrinho-Wheeler were newly elected.

2023 class council, Veterans Day, Drop date

Voting for 2023 class council closes 5pm Friday. 


Generating house dining plan ideas in the context of program challenges and constraints

MIT’s dining system runs at a deficit, making reinvestment difficult. This leads to a decrease in the meal plan’s perceived value, an increase in dissatisfaction among mandatory subscribers, and further limits participation and the dining program’s sustainability.

What was missing at the Climate Policy Symposium

Little was discussed on a major reason behind the ineffectiveness of government action, a factor that should be in any discussions related to climate policy — the climate disinformation campaigns pursued by fossil fuel companies.

The case for pedestrianization in Boston

Resilient ivies, broad-leafed bushes, and coniferous trees can flourish even in Boston’s roller-coaster climate, and serve as simple, low-budget urban beautification.

Campus Life

Stressed-out senior

Just take a first step in a direction that seems right for you at this moment in time. Things will change, and that’s alright.

Party food and relationships

Be yourself and focus on doing what you enjoy, and things will follow.

Boredom blues

You can learn a lot from an experience even if it’s not the most ideal. Be curious and be open to possibilities.

9197 marble ppld nps with ovcar8 cells

Targeting tumors with nanoparticles

9188  dsc9494

Thinking about other people’s thoughts

Nobel Laureate Jim Allison talks cancer research, science education, and advice for aspiring researchers

Jim Allison won the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 2018 for pioneering the use of immunotherapy against cancer. In an interview with The Tech, Allison talks about the past, present, and future of cancer research, along with giving some general advice for scientists.