Stratton Student Center Reopens after Renovations

On Sept. 12, the Stratton Student Center reopened after its complete closure in April 2023. First opened in 1968, the Student Center, known as the “Stud,” experienced catastrophic water pipe damage in February.

The first and second floor, which were newly renovated, contain extracurricular spaces, studying areas, varied dining options, and the “Wellbeing Lab.” Popular restaurants including Bibim Box and Tea-Do returned. A larger market in place of the shuttered LaVerde’s market has yet to be named. 

The fifth floor lounges and study spaces have reopened as well. However, the third and fourth floors have yet to be reopened, but Student Organizations Leadership and Engagement (SOLE)  projects that the fourth floor will reopen in mid-October. The third floor, according to the statement from SOLE, still has “unanticipated mechanical systems work.”