SOLE announces reopening timeline of the Student Center

In an email to the MIT community, Student Organizations Leadership and Engagement (SOLE) laid out a reopening timeline for the Stratton Student Center. The Student Center, which was closed in February due to water pipe explosions, has been undergoing renovations for the past seven months.

According to the email, food trucks will remain outside of the Student Center during lunch hours from Sept. 4-8 and Sept. 11. On Sept. 5, MIT staff regained building access to prepare for the larger reopening on Sept. 12. SOLE wrote that the reopening will encompass “staff offices, eateries, retail, and other spaces in the basement and on floors 1, 2, and 5.”

The email said that there is ongoing “unanticipated mechanical systems work” that will prevent the third floor from returning to full operational status for the foreseeable future. However, the timeline projects for the fourth floor to be reopened in mid-October. Work will continue in other parts of the building until the end of the calendar year 2023.