Boats, bacon, and buns

The perfect Boston brunch at State Street Provisions

9951 pancakes web
State Street Provisions' blueberry pancakes are filled with countless fresh blueberries and topped with their whipped honey butter and pitcher of maple syrup.
Kelly Kim–The Tech
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Amidst the sweetness of the sticky buns and blueberry pancakes, the breakfast sandwich at State Street Provisions brought some much needed savoriness, with the saltiness of the applewood bacon and white cheddar, richness of the runny egg yolk and brioche bun, and the spicy and sweet combination of the gochujang aioli.
Kelly Kim–The Tech
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The sticky buns at State Street Provisions are served piping hot, bringing out the toasty flavors of the pecans, vanilla, and toffee while also being perfectly gooey and indulgent.
Kelly Kim–The Tech

State Street Provisions
Brunch, $$
255 State Street
Boston, MA 02109

Monday – Thursday 11 a.m.–11 p.m.
Friday 11 a.m.–1 a.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. –1 p.m.
Sunday 9 a.m.–11 p.m. 

If you need motivation to get through a long week of psets, projects, or exam prep, Sunday brunch with friends will never fails to lift your spirits. To cap off a weekend full of fun activities and lots of food, my dad took me to State Street Provisions for Sunday brunch before he caught his flight back home. Located in the North End just steps away from Little Italy, State Street Provisions is near the wharf, where grand boats and a beautiful water view accompany an equally attractive menu and restaurant interior.

When I excitedly looked through the menu, the vanilla and toffee sticky buns encased in a rich brioche dough with pecans immediately caught my eye. As an avid fan of Flour’s sticky sticky buns, I just had to order the State Street version. Given that my favorite breakfast item is pancakes, I also could not resist ordering the blueberry pancakes served with whipped honey butter and maple syrup. My father and I shared these two dishes, along with their breakfast sandwich filled with a fried egg, applewood bacon, white cheddar, and a gochujang aioli, all nestled in a buttery brioche bun. 

The sandwich is normally served with crispy potatoes, which we decided to substitute with their French fries. I highly recommend also asking for a side of their aioli, which was the perfect condiment. As we eagerly waited for our food to arrive, I could not help but gaze at the interior, which reminded me of an English pub or tavern. With lots of lighting, a bar area, and seating both indoors and outdoors, one is sure to fall in love with the ambience and vibe of the space.

The first items to arrive were the sticky buns: two large, soft, gooey, and piping-hot swirled buns that you cannot help but devour immediately (after snapping a picture first, of course). Knowing we had pancakes and the sandwich still on the way, we made sure our stomachs had enough room for the deliciousness yet to come. I may or may not have still finished my entire sticky bun anyway. 

Our mains soon arrived, and my eyes widened as I smelled the buttery pancakes, piled with countless specks of fresh blueberries. Our sweet dishes were complemented by the savory breakfast sandwich, which had the perfect balance of richness from the egg and brioche bun, saltiness from the cheese and bacon, and a spicy-sweet combination from the gochujang aioli. I highly recommend getting both sweet and savory items, for they balance each other well and will be sure to satisfy both your sweet tooth and savory cravings. 

Speaking of which, the menu offers a great balance between the two. From their apple pie French toast to their State Street burger, which is creatively served on an English muffin, the brunch menu has plenty of breakfast and lunch options. But if one wants to simply sleep in on Sunday, no need to fret, for State Street Provisions is also open for lunch and dinner, where items like their comforting short rib bolognese and refreshing salmon poke are served for those who decide to hit snooze.

Its fantastic and scenic location by the water makes State Street Provisions particularly worthy of being on your Sunday brunch spot list. Moreover, its affordable prices are also convenient, especially for college students, with the vast majority of their menu items being less than $20. State Street Provisions proves that Sunday brunch does not have to be the expensive experience that it’s usually thought to be. Its location offers the perfect post-meal stroll and opportunity —  if one’s stomach has enough room — to  snag a cannoli at nearby Mike’s Pastry for the perfect post-brunch dessert. Whether you are a college student looking for an affordable but delicious brunch experience or simply a Boston local looking for a scenic weekend or weekday eating spot, State Street Provisions is sure to satisfy any sweet or savory craving, regardless of price point, age, or schedule.