Advanced standing exams partially return to in-person administration

The physics department’s math diagnostic becomes advisory rather than restrictive

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The ASE with the highest pass rate was 7.01x whereas 5.111 had the lowest pass rate.
Lindsay Reyes - The Tech

Advanced Standing Exams (ASEs) were offered both in person and online this year, with the online exams taking place prior to orientation and the in-person exams taking place on Registration Day, Sept. 6.

Associate Dean and Director for First Year Advising and Programming Elizabeth Young provided information about the exams in an email to The Tech.

156 students took the 5.111 (Principles of Chemical Science) ASE online, of whom 50 (32%) passed. The Chemistry Department did not provide information about the 5.12 (Organic Chemistry I) exam, held in-person.

6.0001 (Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python) was offered online like last year, but Young did not provide information about results for the exam.

The 7.01x (Introductory Biology) ASE was offered remotely this year: 252 students took the test, with 195 (77%) passing.

Like last year, the Physics Department offered ASEs for 8.01 (Physics I), 8.02 (Physics II), 8.03 (Physics III), and 8.04 (Quantum Physics I). The 8.01 and 8.02 exams were administered online  via Zoom and 8.03 and 8.04 were administered in person on Registration Day. 

Of the 179 students that took 8.01, 33% passed. 172 students took the 8.02 exam and 66% passed. For the in-person exams, 17 students took the 8.03 exam, of whom 70% passed, and 10 students took the 8.04 exam, of whom 90% passed.

In addition, the physics department offered the math diagnostic assessment (MDX) for all freshmen without prior credit for 8.01. For the 745 first years that took the assessment, the results provided advice about which level of 8.01 to enroll in. Unlike previous years, the MDX only served as a reference for the students and their advisors, not as a strict restriction.

The math department offered ASEs for 18.01 (Single Variable Calculus), 18.02 (Multivariable Calculus), 18.03 (Differential Equations), and 18.06 (Linear Algebra). 18.01 and 18.02 were offered online prior to orientation, and 18.03 and 18.06 were offered in-person.

As in previous years, there were two parts to the 18.01 ASE: students who passed the first part entered into 18.01A while those who passed both parts earned credit for 18.01. Of the 150 first years who took the exam, 47 (31%) passed only part one and 62 (41%) passed both parts.

178 (73%) of the 244 students who took 18.02 passed; 42 (84%) of the 50 students who took 18.03 passed; and 25 (81%) of the 31 students who took 18.06 passed.

ASEs will also be offered during the December finals period, IAP, and the May finals period.