Campus Life thursday afternoon reflections

The universe in a nutshell

Disclaimer: read with a robust sense of humor

To be or not to be, that is the question.

The question is not the question. The gate is not the gate.

To find the way, one must not look.

To see, one’s eyes must close.

To hear, one must observe in silence.

To see inward, one looks outward.

To see outward, one looks inside.

The mirror on the wall speaks the truth.

It is only falsehood that you hear.

To understand the world, one must abandon understanding.

To be free, one must be disciplined.

To be disciplined, one must be joyful.

To be joyful, one must abandon disciplines.

There are ten thousand ways; there is only one way.

The wisest man knows nothing.

The stupid man knows everything.

Mahatma was neither a fool nor a saint.

He was a seasoned politician.

A penny saved is a penny not lost.

Save a life, save the world entire.

You have an infinity of time.

But there is only the now.

This is the best of time, this is the worst of time.

This is the epoch of darkness. This is the age of enlightenment.

There is a universe in a mustard seed.

Inside the mustard seed, there is only emptiness.

He who writes this attempts to confuse you with dichotomy.

Whoever reads this creates understanding for themselves.

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vijay about 8 years ago

Poet extraordinaire!