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One more day of abnormal cold before return to typical April

Bostonian weather took a vigorous ascent from its frigid March into spring-like conditions this early April, culminating at a high of 76°F (24°C) on April 14, after a CPW of wonderful weather. Since the 14th, it has taken a slight dip back down, but today will be the last day of that dip. Tomorrow, expect again highs breaking the 60s Fahrenheit, and a return to partly cloudy skies and occasional April showers.

Elsewhere in the United States, it is now the midst of tornado season. This year so far appears to be a less active season, with the strongest tornadoes observed so far being EF2s on the Enhanced Fujita scale, including tornadoes in Missouri and North Carolina that did inflict property damage. There is still a significant portion of tornado season left to go, though, so nature still has plenty of room to change its mind.