Potential changes coming to Number 1 Bus Route around MIT

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Changes might be coming to the Number 1 Bus route. The MBTA has proposed that some stops along Massachusetts Ave. be eliminated, and buses could be given traffic signaling priority.
David chen—The Tech

Potential changes coming to Number 1 Bus Route around MIT

The popular Number 1 bus that stops outside 77 Massachusetts Ave. may see major changes as part of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Key Bus Route Improvement Program. Preliminary recommendations presented at the MBTA’s last community meeting include the elimination of inbound stop 76 at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Memorial Drive, located slightly past Bexley in the direction of the Harvard Bridge.

The inbound stop at Landsdowne Street and its companion outbound stop at Front Street, located near Random Hall and the MIT Museum (close to the Cambridge Bicycle shop), may also be put out of service.

Transit signal priority, which would extend green lights for all traffic when a bus is approaching an intersection, is proposed for the 77 Massachusetts Ave. signal. and the lights at Landsdowne.

The MBTA is soliciting feedback on these changes at

—Deborah Chen