Among freshmen, Baker wins popularity contest

BC gets the most top-four choices; 66 percent of New House freshmen requested to transfer

Freshmen around campus are finally able to unpack as permanent housing assignments were announced Wednesday, following the readjustment lottery.

This year, 1068 freshmen participated in Residential Exploration, or REX. Though slightly more freshmen requested a move, slightly fewer freshmen were able to be placed: 24 percent of freshmen entered the readjustment lottery, up slightly from 20 percent last year. Of the students who requested a move, 50 percent of those who entered the lottery were able to move this year; 55 percent moved in 2009.

Burton-Conner was the most popular dorm, receiving 65 number-one rankings in the readjustment lottery. Simmons closely followed Burton-Conner with 53 number-one rankings. Out of all dorms (excluding international houses), Bexley received the fewest number number-one rankings, 9.

Of the 15 students in Phoenix House, only one opted to move out. Other high-retention dorms were Random, where only 8 percent of freshmen requested a transfer, and Baker, where 10 percent did so. In contrast, 66 percent of freshmen at New House requested to move out, the most of any dorm.

In the summer housing lottery, Baker and Burton-Conner were once again the top picks for freshmen. Baker received 413 first picks, followed by Burton-Conner with 174 and Simmons with 168. Bexley received the least number-one rankings with 9 freshmen.

Burton-Conner was ranked in the top four by the largest number of freshmen in the initial lottery with 826 freshmen, followed by Baker with 804 and Simmons with 727. Senior House was ranked in the top four by the fewest freshmen, 83.

Freshmen are able to rank a maximum of four dorms in the readjustment lottery, while all dorms are ranked in the initial housing lottery. The readjustment lottery is run as a switching algorithm, as freshmen can only move into spaces that other freshmen are vacating.

As in years past, McCormick, which houses 72 freshmen, did not participate in REX.