MIT Medical changes name to MIT Health

Stuopis: “When you need us, we are here for you, and we are here to care for you.”

In an email to the MIT community on Jan. 18, Dr. Cecilia Stuopis, Chief Health Officer of MIT Health, announced that MIT Medical adopted the new name of MIT Health. Stuopis stated that the name change would be visible across campus; a new logo, website, and medical forms are amongst the most notable changes. 

MIT Health is renovating its Building E23 Campus Care Center, Stuopis said, to offer “brighter, welcoming spaces, improved exam rooms, and an expanded space” for teams charged with providing mental health services. MIT Health also has a location in Lexington, MA at the Lincoln Laboratory.

Stuopis emphasized MIT Health’s “deep commitment to the health and wellness of the MIT community,” calling this attitude and approach “Infinite Caring.” She highlighted the dedication of the staff of MIT Health, writing that “the team of nearly 300 medical professionals routinely goes the extra mile.” Stuopis went on to list the range of services that MIT Health provides “classes and programs, occupational health, student mental health and counseling, sports medicine and orthopedics, public health and vaccination clinics, urgent care, family medicine, and much more.” 

Stuopis included a link to a video of MIT Health’s history of involvement on campus over the past century. It contains testimonials from other MIT health management and staff on MIT Health’s purpose and role in the MIT community. In the video, Shawn Ferullo, Associate Medical Director and Chief of Student Health, stated “the essence of why we are here is to help MIT thrive.” Scott Grieve, a Registered Nurse, added, “You’re not just a symptom, you’re a person. And we’re going to treat you medically, holistically, spiritually, to get to your best performance.” 

Stuopis concluded the email saying that “when you need us, we are here for you, and we are here to care for you.”