Ring Delivered held for Class of 2022

Council faced challenge in navigating COVID-19 restrictions

9738 ring delivered
After missing their planned Ring Delivery two years ago, Ring Delivered gave seniors a chance to gather and celebrate at Boston Park Plaza Sunday.

Ring Delivered, a special dance to commemorate the ring delivery for the Class of 2022, took place at Boston Park Plaza on Feb. 13. Approximately 700 seniors attended the event organized by the Class of 2022 Council.

Ring delivery plans, usually during one’s sophomore spring, had been halted in the spring of 2020 due to COVID-19. Students proposed to still hold a ring delivery ceremony, echoing the sentiment that COVID-19 would not stop them from such an experience.

Class Council Secretary Stephanie Zhang ’22 shared some insight into the process and accompanying challenges. Zhang said in an interview with The Tech, “We started planning this event back in late October/early November of last semester, but we couldn’t find a good date that would work given the semester was wrapping up and people would be busy, so we decided on a weekend early in February.” 

The council then booked the venue, publicized the event, catered food, and prepared merch. Class President Temi Omitoogun ’22 said in an interview with The Tech that “it was a challenge navigating the different [COVID-19] restrictions, such as the Institute policy for allowing food at events having changed a few days before the event.” 

Attendees dressed up, took pictures, ate food, explored the venue, and danced in the company of their friends. “The food and the DJ and the glass tumblers and the photographers were all such a hit!” Zhang said.

Omitoogun said that he was “really proud of how the council worked together to host this event, and it was truly a highlight to see how many students attended and had a good time celebrating their rings with friends and fellow students.”

Veronika Silkin ’22 said in an interview with The Tech that she was glad to experience Ring Delivered “separately” from Senior Ball. Silkin added that “it was really nice to see many people in my class who I hadn’t seen in a while.”

Jamie Geng ’22 said in an interview with The Tech that “there were some mixed reactions to Ring Delivered being postponed for two years. Some people went extra ham… and really leaned into being there with friends and enjoying the experience,” but others “felt apathetic about it after having it delayed for so long.” It was “a good vibe to be out with everyone having fun,” Geng said.