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Fall-ing into some cozy times!

Hi friends! :) Get ready for the cold weather of Boston to start to hit! This week, we’ll see a dive in the temperatures as fall really starts to set in. A storm system is moving across the midwest and east, possibly bringing us the first snow of the season. Bundle up for cold nights and stay warm if you’re staying out late. 

Hopefully, the first set of midterms are over, and we can finally enjoy our weekend. This weekend is the Head of the Charles, so go out there and support your favorite crew team! The waterfront is colder, and there is a slight chance of rain, so make sure to bring an umbrella. If you’re a part of the Class of 2024, get excited for the Twenty-Fourmal! Dress up in your cozy fall attire and enjoy some hot tea and good company with friends.

Extended forecast:
Thursday morning: Sunny. High around 72°F (22°C). Winds 7–10 mph in the southwest. 
Thursday night: Mostly cloudy. Low around 60°F (16°C). Winds 10–20 mph. 
Friday: Sunny. High around 69°F (21°C) and low around 51°F (11°C). Winds 9–10 in the west.
Saturday: Cloudy with a chance of showers (30%). High around 58°F (14°C) and low around 45°F (7°C). Winds 5–7mph in the north.
Sunday: Mostly sunny. High around 56°F (13°C) and low around 43°F (6°C). Winds 7–9 mph in the northwest.