Campus Life

Welcome to CP*, Class of 2025!

Prefrosh share why they’re excited for MIT

Campus Preview Weekend returns as CP* for a second year, taking place virtually yet still featuring many lively and eclectic events depicting the colorful and unique aspects of MIT’s various residential communities and student activities, as well as showcasing academic opportunities at the ‘tvte. The Tech spoke with a few prefrosh about their prospective areas of study, what they look forward to at MIT, and what events stood out to them at CP*.

Alice Cai, Arkansas, 6-9/21E
Excited for: “Building cool shit with cool people.”
Favorite CP* event: A day in the life: gather.Innovation at MIT

Fatema Zaman, Florida, 6-3/16
Excited for: “Friends!”
Favorite CP* event: Next Haunt

Andre Greene, Arizona, 2/8
Excited for: “To explore the community and finally visit the campus!”
Favorite CP* event: Play Science Bowl!

Olivia Steger, New York, 6-3
Excited for: “The culture! Everyone was so welcoming and genuinely excited to share what they were working on with us.”
Favorite CP* event: Edgerton Teams/Shops/Opportunities

Akshay Gupta, India, 5-7
Excited for: “Being involved in frats!”
Favorite CP* event: Boston Street View Scavenger Hunt with Beta Theta Pi