UA Innovation and Maize pilot free delivery service for off-campus food options

UA Innovation is collaborating with Maize, an MIT student-led food delivery service, in a pilot venture to make healthy off-campus food options more accessible to students by offering free delivery from Clover for lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students can order by filling out a form the night before and pick up their food at the Banana Lounge (26-110) at designated times.

“The central belief is that students should be able to have high-quality, affordable, diverse food options on-campus and easily accessible,” said Adil Yusuf ’20, who is leading Maize, in an interview with The Tech. “Right now, the system we’re developing is currently able to provide that type of service at a lower cost than the meal plan.”

Yusuf helped organize group food orders over IAP and decided to continue the service. Right now, the pilot offers free delivery from Clover, but Yusuf said that they are working to expand to include Life Alive, Whole Heart Provisions, Saloniki, and Chipotle.