Campus Life by the numbers

Ten things you realize after the first month of the school year

Were the course evaluations a lie?

It’s already one month into the semester, which is about the time that everyone begins to realize that something might not have gone according to plan, or that perhaps things are better than they seem. Whether it’s that you signed up for too many units, overcommitted in your clubs, or somehow have too much time, you probably have something to say about the semester by now. Of course, some revelations are much more common than others:

1. There isn’t always free food lying around. REX, Orientation, and Career Week were, unfortunately, not super representative. Protip: subscribe to for the occasional golden find.

2. It’s getting colder. Whether you’re new to the Boston winter or just forgot how bitter it can be in the (really awful) heat of the summer, the colder weather is around the bend. Maybe your windowsill plants are shrivelling (I know mine are), or you find yourself bringing a jacket when you go out. Stay warm, kids.

3. Maybe your clubs are more demanding than you remember or expected. Hopefully, they’re also fun! In any case, don’t underestimate your leadership roles…

4. Midterms are upon us! You probably have already had one, or you have one next week. Check your calendars.

5. Speaking of calendars, you’ll likely find that there’s one week (or two or three) that’s especially bad. Maybe you have a really hard midterm, an important interview, a club event, or some awful combination of all these and more. As much as you dread that hell week, remember that there is always support. Reach out for help when you need it!

6. It’s possible you really enjoy a class that you thought you’d hate (common surprise) or you really hate a class you thought you’d enjoy (also common).

7. There are some friends you haven’t seen since the semester began, since you’ve both been so swamped. Time to schedule lunch!

8. Also, now that the final exam schedule is out, have you booked your holiday travel tickets? It’s an easy thing to forget or put off.

9. It’s also possible you’re in the rare situation of being underwhelmed with lack of work. Maybe your courses aren’t as difficult as you expected, or your clubs are chill. In any case, you’re lucky, and you should enjoy it! Maybe take the chance to go out and explore Boston!

10. Whether you’re enjoying or hating the semester, though, realize this: there’s less than three months left! Make what you can of it. It’ll pass faster than you think.