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Mohammad Alizadeh

Immigrant members of the MIT community

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Mohammad Alizadeh
Photo courtesy of Daniel Jackson.

I am an Iranian immigrant. I came to the United States in 2006 for graduate school, accompanied by my wife and soulmate. We both finished our PhD’s at Stanford University. Since then, I’ve worked in a startup, a big company, and now, as an Assistant Professor of computer science at MIT. I’m proud to be Iranian, and I’m also proud to call the United States home. This country has given me incredible opportunities and put me in a position to follow my passions and do what I love. I strive to give back each and every day with my teaching and research.

I’m deeply worried about the current political climate and attitude towards immigrants, but I’m also hopeful. I have a four-month-old son, Omid (which means “hope” in Persian). I’m hopeful for his future. I believe the amazing people of this country will reaffirm American values once again.

Editor's note: Tech Transfers is a photo series by Professor Daniel Jackson that features immigrant members of MIT.

Mohammad Alizadeh is an Assistant Professor in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.