Fossil Free sit-in breaks after months

Fossil Free sit-in breaks after months

The Fossil Free MIT sit-in is no longer continuous, with participants occasionally disbanding if administrators are not present. Sometimes the sit-in may disband if "there are only a couple of people there," Geoffrey Supran, a member of the group, said.

The sit-in, which was originally to be continuous but has since become sporadic, started Oct. 22 in response to the administration’s unveiling the Plan for Action on Climate Change.

The Institute’s stance, as described in the plan, is that MIT has a better chance to work toward combating climate change "not by distancing [itself] from fossil fuel companies, but by bringing them closer to us."

Fossil Free members noted a surge in student interest and participation in the sit-in following the "Vigil for Climate Action" that the group held in November, with new sitters dropping by each day.

Fossil Free continues to pursue negotiations with MIT administration in their campaign for MIT to divest from fossil fuel companies. Members of FFMIT did not disclose the details of the ongoing, closed-doors discussions as per administration guidelines. They do not yet feel that their terms have been met and will thus continue to protest.

—Vivian Zhong