Building 2 reopens after renovation

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The Department of Mathematics is in the process of returning to Building 2 following two and a half years of renovations. The Main Group turns 100 this year.
Tristan Honscheid—The Tech

Building 2 reopens after renovation

The math department has begun to return to a newly renovated Building 2.

The building closed for renovations in 2013, and the math department has spent the interim in Buildings E17 and E18.

The full-building project is the first the building experienced since it was built in 1916, and may serve as a model for further renovation in the aging main group, according to the MIT Capital Projects website.

Michael Sipser, who was head of the math department at the time but is now dean of science, said before the renovations began that they “will create spaces that encourage people to leave their offices, talk to one another, and work together, with blackboards and coffee strategically placed to stimulate conversation.”

This project was the first to begin under the MIT 2030 plan and overhauled much of the building’s infrastructure. The façade of the building was restored, and new replica windows replaced the aging ones. Aging mechanical systems were also replaced.

—William Navarre