Economics professors, staff move back to renovated E52

Economics professors, staff move back to renovated E52

MIT’s economics department is moving back into Building E52 this week after more than two years of renovations to the 1938 Art Deco building, which overlooks the Charles River.

The renovations “have restored the building’s grand façade on Memorial Drive, reconfigured the interior to maximize space and encourage collaboration, and significantly improved the building’s operating efficiency,” MIT said in a December news release.

A seventh floor was added, providing more space for the MIT Faculty Club as well as a new conference center.

Building E52, the original Sloan Building, also houses administrative services for the Sloan School of Management, which is now headquartered next door at E62.

On March 3, the building will officially be renamed the “Morris and Sophie Chang Building” after Morris Chang ’52 and Sophie Chang, who donated an undisclosed amount to MIT for the renovations.

Economics professors, staff, and graduate students had been temporarily moved to Building E17 in 2013.

Furniture and files were still in the process of being moved back as of Wednesday, according to Lisa Desforge, an administrative officer in the economics department.

“It is great to be in our new space,” Desforge wrote to department affiliates.

—Leon Lin