Campus Life

Institute Double Take

Saturday morning at the Sailing Pavilion dock is a lovely sight in and of itself, but with cloudy weather and twilight lighting, it’s even more serene. The water is silvery and sparkles in the sun while the city skyline is crisp. It really brings out the bright colors of the boats and sails.

This photo was taken on the dock before the sailing team was set to race. The ISO was kept high to preserve the colors while keeping the brightness of the sky in check. The juxtaposition of the colors in the grayish lighting is a very enjoyable one. The main focal point is the bright yellow corner of the sail on the right, which is then countered by the darker colors of boats that are angled to lead your eye down the line of boats and into the distance of the dock. This nautical charm and convenient angle of the boats didn’t need much editing to make this Saturday morning on the dock come to life.


Exposure Time:
1/640 sec.

ISO 800

Effective Focal Length:
18 mm