Nu Delta fraternity receives IFC sanctions

Nu Delta fraternity receives IFC sanctions

MIT fraternity Nu Delta faces two sanctions by the Interfraternity Council (IFC) after hosting an unregistered event last Friday that violated Pre-Orientation rules.

Nu Delta has been prohibited from holding “jaunts,” or off-campus events, this Sunday, and must also pay a fine of $1,000 to the IFC by Sept. 30.

Nu Delta is being held responsible for violating four Pre-Orientation rules and one Risk Management policy. Nu Delta was punished for allowing freshmen into the fraternity house, being near alcohol being served to freshmen, and holding an event during the Pre-Orientation period.

To avoid a potentially costly Judicial Committee hearing, Nu Delta admitted to violating IFC rules during an administrative resolution meeting with the IFC Risk Manager and IFC Judicial Committee Chairman.

By avoiding a formal hearing, the fraternity may have avoided more severe sanctions: administrative resolutions can often lead to less stringent punishments, Obasi Onuoha ’16, vice-president of the IFC, told The Tech.

—Ray Wang

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Freedom over 5 years ago

The Tech office probably burst out in smiles hearing a frat got punished. They're likely disappointed the frat didn't get punished more severely, though. The Tech's preference is probably for the people in the frat to become homeless. The people at The Tech are journalists, so they will publicly say they care about frats, but they hate them to the core.