Break-in at Senior House

Break-in at Senior House

An as-yet unidentified suspect broke into Senior House around midnight the morning of August 3, according to a campus-wide email.

“An unknown suspect broke a second floor window...and gained access to the building,” Sergeant Andrew J. Turco wrote. “Dorm patrol discovered the broken glass and called after the intruder,” who fled toward Ames Street.

Police have found evidence that the suspect suffered a “large laceration” and located a camouflage backpack, a field shovel, a canteen, and dirty clothing in Senior House.

Turco suggested that community members lock doors and windows, document serial numbers of electronics, and report suspicious activity to the police.

—William Navarre

Freedom over 7 years ago

There is less than a 10 percent chance that this person is white. This is racist, so we need to find a random white person and arrest him to make things fair and provide justice to Hispanic and black people. Otherwise, if this criminal is found and arrested, the police force will be exercising disparate impact (punishing non-whites more than whites).

Freedom over 7 years ago

(Note that comment 1 is a interpretation of the way the judicial and executive branches of the federal government apply the "disparate impact" doctrine, and is given in a satirical tone.)

Herms '87 over 7 years ago

Prime suspect:

Robert James, 50, of 84 New Whitney St., Mission Hill.

MIT Police Log

August 3, 2015 (3:54 a.m.)

372 Memorial Dr. [TDC]

"Caller states he woke up and found unknown male in his room. Arrest: Robert James (50) of 84 New Whitney St., Boston. Arrested for breaking and entering in the nighttime, and receiving stolen property."

Cf. "Who Lives at 84 New Whitney Street, Boston," Spokeo

"Local Ethnicity: Caucasian. Ethnicity Ratio: 60 percent."

Material compiled by James K. Herms '87, former Police Log Compiler, Tech (2006), former Police Log Compiler for Harvard and MIT, Cambridge Chronicle (2007) (google "Witlin Herms").

To help MIT get crime data out to the community, email herms at

Freedom over 7 years ago

Tx Herms. Please note the authorities will often label Hispanics as whites in order to avoid seeming racist, since racism is considered bad.

Via Spokeo there are the following surnames at that address:

Heramon, James (2), Pierre, Rivera, Valdez (3), Vega, Vilnegre, Alicea, Doodles, Durosca (3), Joseph, Louis, Luckner, Lysenko (2)

Most appear to be Latino, though a couple appear perhaps white.

On PeopleSmart I found a couple more entries for James. The first names given on that website suggest the family is black. This would make sense; even though Latinos have elevated crime rates, black violent crime rates are several times higher. It would be very surprising to hear of a white or Asian person breaking into a house and stealing property.

This reminds me of my childhood neighborhood. It was all-white except for a single black family. I played with the black children, but the black father smelled of drugs, and once he stole some of the property on our yard. Drug problems and violent crime is far more likely with black families. It's mostly genetic.

There are large genetic differences in behavior, personality, intelligence between races and sexes. Presuming equality when there is none is dangerous.

Freedom over 7 years ago

LOL, the Tech's censor is whacked out. My comment was on-topic, stated plain reasonable facts and classified the criminal's race accurately using research from Spokeo. Here it is for documentation purposes:

The Tech pollutes people with lies and is a fraudulent organization. Stop doing it, Tech, or you'll encounter some big problems. The founding race of the US likes a "truth-telling" culture, not a politically correct "lying" culture, and though "they" seem harmless, the situation can really get quite bad if you lie to them too much. Let's not get into another bad cycle of history here. Let people tell the truth, for heaven sake

Freedom over 7 years ago

The basis of trust is truth-telling. (I tell the truth. You can trust me. That is my culture.)

The legitimacy of the state (the oligarchs-- in the US, the billionaires and the mass media) comes from a demand for authority.

A lack of trust (identity politics, civil unrest) creates demand for authority.

A growing state will try to foment a lack of trust among the people in order to increase demand for government. Hence George Soros funding Black Lives Matter protestors in the Midwest (never in NYC, since he lives there). Hence the Democratic Party engaging in identity politics on gay rights, etc. Hence the Tech prohibiting honest observations on race, causing the deletion of comment 3.

Herms is a good, honest person. He has a conscience. I can sense it. He is a truth-teller, not a journalist or a politician. I never met him, but I can sense it.

Donald Trump is a good, honest person. That's why people like him. (Except, of course, the people in the media and the government, who are lying little shits.)

Thomas Jefferson was a good, honest person, but if the people at The Tech knew Jefferson's views on race, sex and homosexuality they would call him racist/sexist/homophobic/who knows what else.

I am also a good, honest person. All I say is the truth: races are different. Genetically. They are different genetically. The person who committed the crime was probably black I thought, and, guess what, he turned out to be black.

I don't hate black people. I tell the truth to black people, too. Why was my comment deleted?

The most likely explanation for why the comment was deleted is very entertaining, by the way, but unfortunately I will have to delay posting it as a comment because it will cause the censor to scream "stop the truth! stop the truth!" and press delete.

Herms '87 over 7 years ago

"Robert James, 84 New Whitney St, Boston; DOB: 05/1965 ... No Documents Were Found in These Sources: Criminal and Infraction Records; Arrest Records; Liens and Judgments; Dockets." -- PeopleMap Report: Robert James (Thomson Reuters, 2015).

Not a repeat offender, it appears. Yet he does show two signs of psychopathy:

1. 'Engagement in dangerous, risky, and potentially self-damaging activities, unnecessarily and without regard for consequences.'

Broke a window, lacerating himself; came back onto campus three hours later, broke into an occupied room half a mile away, and got arrested.

2. 'Stealing from another person.'

Arrested on suspicion of burglary and receiving stolen property.

Freedom over 7 years ago

Honestly, I think the psychopathy concept is one of those BS concepts that makes money for psychologists, kind of like 'racist' and 'sexist' makes money for pundits and bureaucrats.

You need to go back to Aristotle, Herms. Think of his philosophy of virtues: everything in moderation.

Racism and sexism are Aristotlean virtues. The Nazis were a bit too racist, in my view, since they boiled everything down to the fake Aryan ideal, to the expense of other traits. At the other end, Western whites are insufficiently racist: most actually believe the different races are genetically equal in intelligence (wow!)! (This unusual anti-racism is probably because American elites, most of whom are Jewish, wanted to get as far from Nazism as possible.) OK, this is all very simple, and there are analogous exaplmes for sexism. I know you're not allowed to agree with any of this, since you're using your real name, so just ignore what I wrote in this paragraph lol.

Psychopathy is also an Aristotlean virtue in many ways. You need a certain amount of trickery and manipulation to get ahead in life and smooth things over with people. Different environments require different amounts of psychopathy as well. Calling 'psychopathy' bad, as you seem to be doing, is just a lie. Sorry.

(If you want a replacement concept for psychopathy, try "time preference" = impulsiveness. Higher time preference is associated with people from warmer climates, who don't really need to save for the future. High time preference can help socially: if you seem impulsive, people will probably not want to mess with you. However, it also results in increased criminality and financial problems.)

Low IQ and race are other factors associated with criminal behavior. For example, Russians are all alcoholics. It's crazy whenever I meet a Russian, he turns out to be an alcoholic, even if the guy has lived in the US all his life.

Thx again for the data. Pretty sure I know the race of that person based largely on the behavior, but also based on the additional data I have collected. I was right. As always. Sorry haters.

Herms '87 over 7 years ago

"Only when antisocial personality traits are inflexible, maladaptive, and persistent and cause significant functional impairment ... do they constitute antisocial personality disorder.... A distinct variant often termed 'psychopathy' is marked by a lack of anxiety or fear and by a bold interpersonal style that may mask maladaptive behaviors." (DSM-5.)