Chance of rain and a warm Friday likely

There will be a chance of rain to end the week as a low-pressure system passing through Ontario might reach out far enough to bring us some rain in Cambridge as it moves eastward to the north. On Friday, the warm air that it brings could bring us the first high above 60°F since Dec. 1, though the possibility of rain could stop us from enjoying it. The temperatures throughout the weekend should stay above freezing with the exception of an hour or two late at night.

As we move into April, tornado threats are going to become more and more common in the U.S. April is the most common month for the occurrence of the most violent tornadoes (F4+), and although these make up only about 1 percent of all tornadoes, they account for more than half of tornado deaths. While tornadoes are unlikely in the Cambridge area, they are not unheard of — as some will remember from last summer.