Cold air and (mostly) clear skies

The rest of this week promises to be very cold. With high pressure as the norm through the end of the week, the skies should remain relatively clear, and along with cold northerly winds, allow the temperatures to get well below freezing each night. On Friday night, a passing low to the north will bring down cold northern air and result in temperatures dropping into the single digits (°F). After this morning, the chance of snow will be very low until the end of the weekend, when it should get much warmer and possibly rain.

Overnight lows in the low 20s (°F) fall right along the average for days in January, but sometimes the region gets particularly unlucky: in January of 1946, the weather gods must have been angry, because there was an (almost literally) unbelievable run of 12 straight days with lows ranging from -3°F on the first and warmest night to -30°F at the worst. Maybe it’s a good thing that we’ve put an end to nonsense like that.

Anonymous almost 9 years ago

"Maybe its a good thing that weve put an end to nonsense like that."

Are you suggesting that climate change is a good thing?

Anonymous almost 9 years ago

#1 LOL. Colin Thackray says something stupid (though maybe it's a funny joke) and you say something even more stupid (though maybe it's a funny joke). Comedy is alive and well despite the stupidity of MIT.

The temperature anomaly for Boston is about 1F due to global warming I think? So climate change would have pretty much nothing to do with a streak of cold weather. -3F to -30F and -2F to -29F are both extremely cold ranges of low temps for the Boston area...