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Being out and about during magic hour with a camera — the time right before sunrise and after sunset — is a great way to capture beautiful photos. The light is soft and tinged with warm colors. In the evening, the orange and yellow city lights illuminate the skyline, providing a nice contrast to the blue and purple skies. Everything glows. At 6:30 p.m. on October 8th, 2013, the sun had already set, and the sailboats were returning to dock in the fast waning rays of twilight. It was quite a colorful and serene scene, punctuated by the waxing crescent moon. A high aperture and ISO was used to keep as much of the scene in focus as possible. Even though the original was in color, a black and white version was created for a business that wanted a framed 30" by 30” print in their office. The original image was in 3:2, so a simple square crop wouldn’t work without cropping some of the sailboats. I used the content-aware resizing tool in Photoshop to keep the essence of the original image in the new aspect ratio, with the business’s approval.


Exposure Time:
1/10 sec.

ISO 3200

Effective Focal Length:
45 mm

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Anonymous over 8 years ago

Superb photo. Thanks for sharing the exposure details. I'd like to try and reproduce this some time. I've tried shooting the moon in the background a few times and the results have not always been that great.