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Designer Lori Kyler Christensen talks about designing clothes and fashion trends

Venni Caprice

Designed by Lori Kyler Christensen

While it still seems like winter outside, spring is just around the corner. Luckily, Lori Kyler Christensen began showing pieces from her label Venni Caprice’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection last week ( Christensen’s line is filled with fun dresses and bohemian prints. While the adventurous designs are not for everyone, Christensen also had some interesting insights into the clothing design process. The Tech had the opportunity to view Christensen’s collection for Venni Caprice and ask her about her designing process.

The Tech: What inspired your collection?

Lori Kyler Christensen: I started from the fabrics. I had probably three fabrics prior to the collection that I was holding on to. I already had a few pieces worked around the fabrics, and everything else came together harmoniously. I was very happy with my designs. My line has pieces that are very casual for day wear, but you can add a heel or belt to wear them at night.

TT: What is your design process like? Do you sketch your pieces?

LKC: I don’t really sketch! I just make things. I view my sample pieces as my sketch. I’ve found that I just need to keep my idea in my head. I try to apply the styles I’ve used in the past, and build from my fabrics. This line was the first time that I’ve created clothes using a whole roll of fabric, and I’ve liked how my pieces came out.

TT: How long have you been making clothes?

LKC: I’ve been making clothes since high school. I’ve been selling, my clothes intermittently for the last 6 to 7 years, and I’ve officially launched my line [Venni Caprice] this year.

TT: What sort of trends do you see in clothing?

LKC: One of the trends I’ve been pushing is mixing prints. I didn’t do it as much at first, because I have to design my pieces 6 months in advance, and I wasn’t sure if I’d still be able to find my fabrics again. But I’ve been dabbling in mixing fabrics for my collection. One fabric makes a pretty piece, but two fabrics really stand out.

TT: For a college student, perhaps on a smaller budget, what are some affordable looks?

LKC: Most of my pieces range from $120 to $170. But I have pieces online and at my shows that are about $40, and these smaller runs are totally affordable for a smaller budget.

TT: Do you think Boston will have a Fashion week in the future, like New York City or Paris?

LKC: We had a show last week at the Emerald Hotel. It was cool, but we’d need something more structured in the future. But I definitely think that Boston could take off and be a hub for fashion.