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A brief thaw

The month of February has featured long stretches of below-average temperatures, but yesterday’s high temperature, as recorded by the weather station on the roof of Building 54, was 49.2°F. This was the first temperature above 45°F recorded since February 2. The brief thaw continues today with the passage of a warm front, before a cold frontal passage tonight will initiate a gradual cooling trend through the weekend. The precipitation associated with these frontal passages will be rain, and there is even a chance of thunderstorms. With the amount of snow still on the ground and snow-clogged storm drains, it could be quite messy out. Watch out for giant puddles as you step off the curb! Unfortunately for those longing for spring, next week features a return to below average temperatures in the 20°Fs and 30°Fs, but it is too soon to tell we will be adding to the 22.5” of snow received in February before the month is out.