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Today, tomorrow will be better for opening doors

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Situation for Noon Eastern Time, Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We have now entered the frozen heart of winter, where freezing is more frequently a daily high than a daily low. Unlike many days of the previous week, however, no extra snow shall fall until the day after tomorrow, so for these two days, the winter invites you out if you want to build a snowman. Still remember to dress appropriately, as highs will be in the twenties.

Looking back at the past year, that is, since the two-foot snowstorm at this point in 2013, it looks like nature has fixed up a particularly strange year for North American weather. In summer, the Atlantic hurricane season became the first in half a century to fail to produce even a category 2 hurricane. And for the first time in forever, or at least as far as records go, San Francisco experienced only 5.6 inches of rain in a year; the previous low was 9.0. Rather, the winter preferred to let itself go without restraint in the rest of the USA, where in early January many cities in the eastern United States, like Atlanta, experienced record low temperatures. Maybe we can hope for a more normal year in the rest of 2014.