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Extreme heat subsides

The beginning of this week has seen a welcome respite from the scorching heat that has been recurrent during the first part of this summer season. While there were nine days with high temperatures of 90°F or higher in July, the temperature has struggled to breach 80°F so far this August. In fact, on Tuesday morning, the temperature in Boston dipped below 60°F for the first time since summer began— a streak of 47 days in total.

The pattern of relatively cool temperatures will persist for the remainder of the week. A low pressure system will bring storminess to the region on Thursday and Friday, before the return of clear skies and sunshine for the weekend. Of course, while high temperatures around 80°F are considerably lower than those we experienced earlier in the summer, they are by no means abnormally low in a climatological sense: The normal high temperature for August 7 in Boston is 81°F.