Admissions Office lowers CPW event cap to 175

CORRECTION TO THIS ARTICLE: A previous version of this story mistakenly indicated that DormCon lowered the event cap, when in fact it was the Admissions Office. It also incorrectly named Kelly E. Snyder ’14 CPW Chair of East Campus; she actually the president of EC.

Admissions Office lowers CPW event cap to 175

Dorms will be limited in the number of Campus Preview Weekend events that they can hold this year, according to Katherine Kelley, assistant director of admissions. The total number of dorm CPW events will be capped at 175, and the events will be divided between dorms by DormCon, according to Kelley. This is the second year that a cap has been in place for dorm events; last year, the number of events was capped at 200.

According to Kelley, the cap was put in place in response to prefrosh responses to a CPW feedback survey. “We survey prefrosh every year as they are exiting CPW with about a 90 percent response rate. We have seen an increase in feedback over the past few years that the number of events is too overwhelming and, for some events, the quality has suffered,” Kelley said in an email to The Tech. According to Kelley, the number of dorm CPW events increased by 48 percent over the four years prior to instituting a cap, and 259 dorm events were held at CPW 2011, the year before the cap was introduced.

The idea of a cap on the number of events has been met with resistance by some students. “We have a lot of people with creative ideas, and it’s frustrating to tell someone with a great idea that they’re really excited about that they’re not allowed to do it because of an events cap,” Kelly E. Snyder ’14, president of East Campus, said in an email to The Tech. “We’ve managed to maintain having a CPW the way we want to have it for the most part, but the planning process now involves more strategizing and working around the events cap.”

The deadline to register an event is Feb. 25, and the DormCon executive board has been given the task of distributing event allowances to dorms. “We are working closely with them [DormCon] leading up to the events deadline,” Kelley said.

—Emily Kellison-Linn