MIT Aaron Swartz report to be released “in a few weeks”

MIT Aaron Swartz report to be released “in a few weeks”

Following the death of Aaron Swartz on Jan. 11, 2013, President L. Rafael Reif announced that Hal Abelson PhD ’73 — Electrical Engineering & Computer Science professor and a founding director of Creative Commons and the Free Software Foundation — would be leading a “thorough analysis of MIT’s involvement” from Fall 2010 to the present, specifically describing “the options MIT had and the decisions MIT made.” The report resulting from the analysis will be made public.

Obtained through the MIT News Office, the official charge from Reif to Abelson appears on page 5, along with a letter to the MIT community from Abelson.

The review will be conducted in two phases, writes Abelson. The first phase will be completed “in a few weeks,” with a report that gives a “clear record” of what happened and provides “insight into what MIT did or didn’t do, and why.” Upon the conclusion of that phase MIT will enter a second phase of analyzing the implications of the findings.

MIT will refrain from commenting on the situation until the release of the report.

Members of the MIT community can suggest questions for Abelson’s analysis via

—Anne Cai

John about 10 years ago

MIT, it's very disappointing for what you have done to Aaron Swartz. I indeed lost all my trust in you, I will never recommend MIT to anyone including my own kids. It's indeed a shame.

chan about 10 years ago

I think the best summary of what has happened is at

Everyone seems to scared for their own good to state something. Do u really think kids at MIT are going to make their suggestions or questions public at ? That's ridic !

Is MIT's current leadership up to the task ? Look at how many suicides happened under the current chancellor ... it's the worst MIT has experienced.

Abelson's response should not reflect on why the top official who was leading the investigation did not cease it when he had 2 opportunities. And I'd expect someone to take the blame. IF ABELSON's ANALYSIS merely reiterates that everyone acted according to any shitty policy then this man is soo done along with the people he is trying to protect (including his own skin).

Karma will do the rest.

Nahid about 10 years ago

Please sign the Whitehouse petition to make the DOJ pay for Aaron Swartz death.