Three anonymous reports of sexual assault at Lambda Chi Alpha

Three anonymous reports of sexual assault at Lambda Chi Alpha

On December 5, MIT police released a police bulletin stating that they had received three anonymous reports of sexual assaults that occurred on November 2012 at 99 Bay State Road, the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity house. The bulletin stated that there is no ongoing criminal investigation as a result of the reports. When contacted, MIT Chief of Police John DiFava confirmed that there was no ongoing investigation and declined to comment further.

“MIT takes the issue of sexual assault very seriously,” Associate Vice President for Communications Nate Nickerson said in an email statement to The Tech. “Criminal investigations sometimes result from communications with people reporting crimes, but only if such investigations are in line with the wish for privacy, and desired level of participation, of those who have come forward.”

Nickerson added, “The MIT Police and other parts of the MIT administration are conferring on issues particular to these recently reported assaults.”

The police bulletin included information on resources for victims of a sexual assault via the Violence Prevention and Response Team at Community Wellness in MIT Medical. It also mentions that the MIT Police take special considerations for the investigations of sexual assaults and can help survivors with anonymous reporting as well as contact local police, additional resources, and the district attorney’s office.

At press time, the Lambda Chi Alpha President Nicholas A. Davis ’14, had not replied to an email inquiry. Assistant Director of FSILGs and Primary Advisor for Fraternities Catherine Sohor did not have any additional information on the situation.

MIT Police urges all students to call 617-253-1212 or dial 100 from any on-campus phone at anytime if they feel unsafe on campus or in off-campus living groups.

—Stan Gill