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Clear skies and warmer temperatures arriving

After the first measurable snowfall this autumn, the Boston area will have better weather over the next few days. A nor’easter, moving off into the Atlantic and toward Newfoundland, was responsible for 6”+ snowfall totals across portions of interior New England. Winds also gusted over 50 mph across the Cape, whipping up mostly rain and some snow. Here in Cambridge, about 1-2” of snow was visible on grassy areas Wednesday night. The Weather Channel, which has decided to name winter storms, named this past storm after a familiar Greek goddess — Athena.

Looking ahead, a high pressure area will slowly build over the eastern seaboard. The high should also broaden this weekend, giving light winds and sunny skies. Winds will also become more southerly and bring warmer air early next week. Temperatures should exceed normal levels, from the low 60s°F (15-17°C) on Sunday to possibly 70°F (21°C) on Monday.