MIT does not spell M-I-T-T

MIT does not spell M-I-T-T

Didn’t think twice about wearing your MIT shirt to vote in Kresge this Tuesday? Neither did people voting in other parts of the country. Two women, one in Boca Raton, FL and another in Denver, CO, were stopped at their respective polling places for wearing MIT-branded clothing. Poll workers at both places believed that the garments, bearing the letters “MIT”, violated the state’s electioneering law, which forbids expressing support in any fashion for or against a candidate within 100 feet of a polling place.

Allegedly, poll workers mistook ‘MIT’ for “Mitt” and initially prohibited both women from casting their ballots. However, it did not take long for polling place supervisors to realize that “MIT” stood for Massachusetts Institute of Technology and not the republican presidential candidate.

Both women were ultimately allowed to vote.

—Stan Gill

Anonymous almost 8 years ago

Those poll workers should not be invited back next year.

Anyone who makes that mistake, even if it was later corrected by a supervisor, is likely to make other mistakes.

Anonymous almost 8 years ago

That is hilarious. Same thing if you wore a shirt with 'Osama' printed on it.