A number of film references are included in the video. Did you catch them all?

Squid Girl

At 1:35: The Anime Club cosplays as three characters who are supposed to be from MIT.

Good Will Hunting

At 1:38: “The janitor looks at the ass-ymptote — no pun intended — on the chalkboard,” and yells, said Chae.


At 1:38: The playing cards displayed when the janitor yells at the chalkboard are meant to reference 21.


At 4:16: The spinning Brass Rat at the end is meant to question whether or not the entire experience was a dream or not. “Spinning that ring took forever!” lamented Yoon. They wanted it to land with “MIT” facing the camera, and that scene took longer than any other to shoot, he said.

“In reality, it’s not really a dream,” Ha explained, “It’s something for all MIT students. It’s a party hard, work hard attitude we have.”