A page 13 headline published last Friday misstated the size of MIT’s deferred maintenance backlog. It is $2.4 billion, not $4 billion.

That same article — “MIT 2030: are the faculty involved or not?” — also gave an incomplete title for Israel Ruiz SM ’01. He is MIT’s Executive Vice President and Treasurer, not Vice President and Treasurer.

The article also misspelled the name of the physics department head. He is Edmund Bertschinger, not “Bertshchinger.”

A Sept. 11 article on President L. Rafael Reif’s first 71 days in office ambiguously quoted him when referring to faculty concerns over campus space planning. When Reif said he thought it was “valid for people [faculty] to be concerned,” he was referring to the worry that insufficient space will be left in the Kendall Square area for academic use if current development plans go through. He was not specifically referring to the assertion that plans by the MIT Investment Management Company would lead to “serious and irreversible damage to MIT’s future educational and research missions,” according to the May/June 2012 Faculty Newsletter.