A note from IS&T

In the “EC cell phone woes” article in the August 24 edition of The Tech, Stan Gill writes that “Residents on several halls, unhappy that the antennas were malfunctioning, disconnected power from the antennas themselves in order to restore service.”

IS&T understands the importance of having these services in working order for the students and the campus, but it is not acceptable for anyone to tamper with the infrastructure for any reason. MIT and IS&T partner with vendors in various infrastructure initiatives that benefit the community, and ask that community members be respectful of the equipment owned and installed by vendors.

Students should report any IT-related issue to the Help Desk (617.253.1101 or helpdesk@mit.edu), and IS&T will take the appropriate steps to resolve it. This is both for student safety and to ensure quicker restoration of service. If equipment is tampered with, it can cause other problems that may take a lot more time to fix.

Robyn Fizz, IS&T News Coordinator