Selected other university presidents’ 2010 compensation

Selected other university presidents’ 2010 compensation



2010 Paid Comp.

2010 Total Comp.


Susan J. Hockfield



Harvard University

Drew Gilpin Faust



Yale University

Richard C. Levin



Princeton University

Shirley Tilghman



Boston University

Robert A. Brown



Boston University’s president Robert A. Brown was provost of MIT from 1998 through 2005.

IRS Form 990 is open to public inspection, but how universities provide the form varies. Boston University and Stanford University provide the 990 on their web sites (Stanford’s is not included here because their fiscal year closes 2 months later, so 2010 data are not yet available). Harvard, Yale, and Princeton’s tax offices maintain this information, and supply it via email on request. At MIT, the News Office provided the form in response to a request from the tax office.