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Temperatures 25°F-35°F above average to continue

This past Sunday, temperatures soared into the mid seventies in the Boston area. Logan airport recorded a record high temperature of 74°F, besting the previous high mark of 70°F. This was 27°F above the average high of 47°F for this time of year. Sunday’s impressive performance was repeated on Monday with another record high of 74°F. Although temperatures are forecast to remain warm throughout the week, the record streak is in danger as record highs for March 20 and 21 at Logan are 79°F and 83°F, respectively. These values are a few degrees higher than the current forecast.

The warmest day this week will be on Thursday when temperatures will likely climb into the mid 80s. To put this in perspective, the warmest day of the year for Boston occurs in late July and the average high for that day is 83°F.

These remarkably warm temperatures are thanks to a strong stationary high pressure system off the East Coast. This system is blocking rain from entering the New England region and is filtering warm air up from the south. Until this high pressure system moves late this week, the weather in the Boston area looks to be fantastic.