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High pressure system to bring more warm weather

After two days of clouds and chilly temperatures, sunshine and unusually warm weather are expected to make a comeback this weekend in association with a broad high pressure system. Earlier this week, temperatures repeatedly exceeded their climatological normals by upwards of 20°F. In fact, Monday’s high temperature of 71°F at Logan Airport broke the 110-year-old record high of 69°F.

Today, a weak low pressure system will move through New England, bringing with it some midday showers and a slight chance for scattered thunderstorms. The chance for showers will diminish in the late afternoon, and a high pressure system will come in on the heels of the low tomorrow. This system is projected to persist well into next week, resulting in lots of sunshine, and more near-record highs in the 70s °F. This weather pattern is quite anomalous for Boston in March, as high temperatures are normally in the mid-40s °F this time of year.