An open letter to Cambridge about the Google expansion


Really? You are seriously considering delaying/not approving the Google expansion at Cambridge Center because a small portion of a rooftop park would be eliminated in an area that already has more than enough open space?

The damage, though, has already been done. Once again, the reputation of Cambridge as a place where anti-development zealots and NIMBYs have an inordinate amount of influence is reinforced. The green space extremists would rather say no to this and other companies that have profound worldwide impacts on the way most of us live rather than give up a few square feet of grass. Their tunnel vision is astonishing. It is faux environmentalism at it’s most absurd.

In an unstable world economy that could easily slide back into recession or worse, top-tier companies that want to be here and expand should be given VIP treatment. This doesn’t mean carte blanche, but roadblocks like this thrown at institutions such as Google are ludicrous.

I trust the councillors to do the right thing and lead, not follow.

Gary Ragaglia is a Cambridge resident.