A news brief published last Friday misidentified Alec C. Lai ’13 as Next House President. While Lai is the UA Council Representative for Next House, the current Next House President is Austin D. Brinson ’13.

Also last Friday, a news brief misspelled the Environmental Research Council (ERC) chair’s name. The chair is Dara Entekhabhi, not Dana Entekhabi.

A brief published on Jan. 11 incorrectly titled Shiva Ayyaduri and credits him with the first copyright to email. He is a faculty lecturer. Also, while he holds a copyright from 1982 titled “EMAIL,” Ayyaduri is not the inventor of email, which began in the 1960s.

A photo caption published last Friday incorrectly identified the actress in the picture of the Dramashop production “Uncle Vanya.” She is Anna Teytelman G, not Nora H. Mallory ’12.