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Warmth and lack of snow will continue this week

With the exception of a few cold spurts (like this past Sunday), this winter has been marked by a general trend of above average temperatures. This weather will continue this week, with high temperatures in the mid to upper 40s (8°C); 10°F (-12°C) above normal. It has also been a dry winter, with only 2.74" of precipitation occurring since Jan. 1, compared to a climatological value of 4.67". The first two weeks of February have also been unusually dry, with only 0.07" of precipitation compared to a usual month-to-date value of 1.31". Not only has this winter featured a lack of precipitation — Boston has had a lack of snowfall in particular. Since Dec. 1, Boston has recorded 6.8" of snow, far less than the climatological value of 26.5" (and miniscule, compared with last season’s 71.2"). Unfortunately for those hoping for snow, it doesn’t appear to be in the cards this week. There is a system coming through on Thursday and Friday that should bring measurable precipitation, but it looks to be only in the form of rain.