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Seasonal temperatures for now, but warming up

Earlier this week, New England experienced above normal temperatures. Highs have been in the mid to upper 60s (18–20°C) with generally clear weather (despite the quick 0.76” of rain at Logan Airport last Tuesday night). But today, cooler weather has arrived since winds have become northerly and are bringing air down from Canada. A high pressure just to our west will keep cool air blowing in through Saturday.

By Sunday warm weather will make a return to New England as the high pressure moves into the Atlantic. Southwesterly winds will stream in warm air from the Gulf states, nearly replicating our weather from earlier this week. Temperatures will likely reach near 60°F (16°C) by Monday and Tuesday. Rain-free skies are expected from now until then, with winds ranging from 5–15 mph. (And not the recent 50–100 mph speeds blasting the desert Southwest!)