Course 21W transformative and helpful

I read Christine Yu’s article, “Talk Wordy to Me: 21W @ MIT,” in the Nov. 22 Tech. Studying expository writing through 21W was transformative for me as well. I was interested in business, but needed a forum for gaining a better understanding of my passions. 21W enabled me to work on a number of projects of my own choosing, which led me to discover my interest in a particular area of business — healthcare. I ultimately was able to write a writing thesis on the subject, which helped me get into graduate school. While working on a PhD at Wharton, I wrote a series of expository essays on issues related to the healthcare industry. Each time, the training that I received was put to good use. Now that several years have passed since I graduated from MIT, I can say with certainty that I benefited immensely from my Course 21W degree.

Adam C. Powell ’06