Campus Life


4454 overheard
Illustrations by Amanda Aparicio

Boy: What’s your shirt say?
“OK Go”?
What’s that?
Girl: Umm, it’s the name of a band.
Boy: Oh, so it doesn’t mean you’re easy.

Anonymous: I think the dining plan is like marriage. At first you love it, then you hate it.

MIT fraternity member:
So where do you go to school?
Girl: BU.
Girl: Whoops, I mean Simmons.

Anonymous (in Athena cluster):
Why can’t we just talk about our feelings?

Female non-MIT affiliate:
Go Beavers! Oh wow, that really is an unfortunate mascot.
MIT student: That’s why we say, “Go Engineers …”

Girl 1: What?
Girl 2: Oh, I was just talking to my p-set.

Compiled by Carine Moezinia

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