Sports athlete of the week

LOGAN M. TRIMBLE ’13 Junior dominates in cross-country and track

Trimble balances running and tough classes, with the occasional movie or night out

Logan M. Trimble ’13 is a junior in Course 10B and a member of the MIT Cross Country, Indoor, and Outdoor Track teams. As an active sophomore last year, Trimble competed for MIT at the NCAA Division III Championship, in which his relay team earned All-American status. Later that year, Trimble won the NEWMAC Academic All-Conference Award, demonstrating excellence in varsity sports as well as academics.

When asked about what motivates him to do varsity sports, Logan said, “I like [the teams] because they give me an opportunity to be really competitive at something I enjoy doing. I also love the small, tight-knit cross-country team and the rather large, but still somehow tight-knit, track teams.” But running was not always Logan’s only passion. “I also loved playing soccer, so when I got to high school I participated in as much running and soccer as I could. I eventually realized I was better at running, so I devoted all of my time to running.”

What is the MIT running life like for Logan? “Practice on Mondays and Tuesdays tend to be long, so those nights tend to be later. Friday night I usually stay in because we have a meet the next day; on Saturday I go to the meet, and on Sunday I play catch-up.”

This is not all, though, since there are also track meets to consider. “We have several races each year in Boston (Franklin Park for cross-country, BU for indoor track, or here at MIT for indoor and outdoor track). Our away meets are generally only one to two hours away in New England.”

How does Logan manage to balance his running life with his academic life? Carefully. “Since practice is during a limited time each day, it is not hard to make sure to allocate time to track and cross-country. The hard part is always that extra bit of motivation it takes to get studying after a nine- or 10-mile run. Since it does take up quite a bit of time, it is really necessary to be efficient with my use of any free time, which I’m still working on — I’ll get back to you if I ever figure it out.”

Although Logan devotes a good deal of time to running, he also devotes the necessary time for certain classes, either because they are intense or because they’re interesting. “My most intense class is 10.302 [Transport Processes] because it’s 10.302. But really, it’s just hard stuff — heat and mass transfer. My favorite class right now is Engineering Innovation and Design. It approaches engineering from a direction that most classes don’t — the design,” Trimble said.

In case Logan manages to find spare time, Logan knows how he will use it. “My favorite spare time activity would probably be to go out to dinner somewhere in Boston and find something fun to do. Otherwise I enjoy an evening in, watching a movie.” His hobbies include playing the guitar, playing video games (Guitar Hero), and other music-related endeavors.

Career-wise, Logan aspires to improve people’s lives by working in industry. His interests are in pharmaceuticals and other fields that will directly impact people’s well-being.