2011–2012 IFC Executive Board elected

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Thomas A. Anderson ’13, new IFC president.
Joseph Maurer—The Tech

2011–2012 IFC Executive Board elected

The 2011–2012 Interfraternity Council (IFC) Executive Board was elected on Tuesday by the Presidents’ Council, with Thomas A. Anderson ’13 elected as the IFC’s new president. Anderson, a brother of Zeta Psi, was previously IFC Judicial Committee secretary. The new executive board will assume their positions at the next Presidents’ Council meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

“My main concerns are interactions with the MIT community. I’d like to improve communications across the board,” Anderson said.

One of the initiatives Anderson would like to work on is a general newsletter for the fraternity community that would include information about upcoming community service events, profiles of brothers, and a bulletin about risk management policies.

Anderson also wants to increase communication between fraternity houses through “delegate meetings” for specific officers, such as publicity chairs, from different fraternities and an IFC wiki that will contain resources for future fraternity chairs.

“My vision is increased awareness of the fraternal community within the general MIT community and really showing the excellence that goes on,” Anderson said.

Anderson also wants to increase dialogue with the Dormitory Council and housemasters. “I’d love to get out there and meet with [housemasters] and hear their perspective and what they think of the IFC.” Anderson said. “I know there are a lot of misconceptions about how we operate and how our judicial branch works.”

At the next Presidents’ Council meeting, Anderson will be meeting with the new executive board on Monday to discuss and prioritize new initiatives and ideas with the fraternity presidents.

“I’m very excited to get started working with the new exec board,” Anderson said. “Everyone has a lot to bring to the table, a lot of different skill sets and backgrounds. I’m ready to dive in and start to get things going.”

President Thomas A. Anderson ’13 (Zeta Psi)

Vice President Louis DeScioli ’15 (Delta Upsilon)

Executive Assistant Alexander T. Kiefer ’15 (Zeta Psi)

Risk Manager Alexis J. Ludena ’14 (Theta Delta Chi)

Judicial Committee Chair Kyle M. Smith ’13 (Kappa Sigma)

Recruitment and Programming Chair Evan P. Wang ’14 (Kappa Sigma)

Public Relations Chair Douglas O. Sanchez ’14 (Theta Delta Chi)

—Joanna Kao