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ROBERT A. ‘BOBBY’ WEBER ’13 The Ultimate social glue

Bobby Weber balances frisbee, school, and fun

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Robert A. “Bobby” Weber ’13 (left).

Robert A. “Bobby” Weber ’13, a junior in Course 15, plays cutter for the MIT Men’s Ultimate team. Passionate about the sport since his early years, Bobby started an Ultimate frisbee club in his high school and later played on a team that achieved second place at state competitions twice in a row. When he got to MIT, he was taken under the wing of former MIT Ultimate star Isaac T. Entz ’11, whom Bobby admires considerably. “If I had to describe our team in two words, it would be Isaac Entz. He is an inspiration to all of us and a true mentor.”

Bobby isn’t only a player on the team. In fact, he fills many special roles, on the field and off.

“On the frisbee team, I work with Brian [C.] Conn [’13] to set up different social events for our team like team parties or team barbecues. I also help call lines [decide who is playing on what point] and give advice to some of the younger players on the team. Most of what I do is mess around and come up with lots of inside jokes. For instance, I once convinced our coach that two of the players on our team were a couple. That was pretty funny! My most important job on the team is probably that of team wingman. I don’t think anyone on the team needs it, but just to make sure I always go out of my way to let all the ladies know about how Isaac Entz single-handedly leads the team to victory, which he generally does,” Bobby said.

When asked about life on the team, Bobby said, “I think what I enjoy most about our team is the camaraderie that we have. We all get along really well and you can see that out on the field. The next tournament is at Brown during the first week of November. It will be the first tournament that we actually go to as a whole team so it should go pretty well.”

Not hesitating to mention the playfulness of the team, Bobby also remarked, “We have an ongoing competition. After we go out for a tournament every Sunday, we typically go to Olive Garden and see who can eat the most endless pasta. The current leader is Isaac Entz with nine bowls but some people get close.”

Bobby practices with the team on Mondays and Thursdays, with team workouts every other day. The rest of his time is typically spent “either doing work or messing around.”

“I love playing pranks on people. In particular this one guy messed with my room, so I am replacing the hubcaps on his car with ones I custom made with purple paint and glitter,” says Bobby.

Bobby is kept busy with his Ultimate schedule, but he still manages to balance this commitment with his coursework.

“My method of finding a balance is that sports come first and then if I have to stay up late one night or get a bad grade on a test, that is worth it to me,” he said.

Outside of class and Ultimate, Bobby also plays intramural sports and likes to hang out with friends. He is also a Google Student Ambassador to MIT.

Along with Course 15, Bobby takes premed courses on the side. “I actually am unsure as to what I want to do in the future, so I am just trying out everything.”