Police Log

Police Log

The following incidents were reported by the Campus Police between August 3, 2011 and August 30, 2011. The dates below reflect the dates the incidents occurred. This information is compiled from the Campus Police’s crime log. The report does not include alarms, general service calls, or incidents not reported to the dispatcher.

Nov 3 2010 Phi Kappa Sigma (530 Beacon St.) 2:04 p.m., Reporting party states several unreported bicycle thefts have occurred over the past several months. Two bicycles taken in the past several weeks.

Jan 27 Bldg. NE49 (600 Technology Square) 12:00 p.m., Victim reports theft from accounts payable account. Victim has been contacted by a law enforcement agency.

May 1 290 Albany St. 7:00 a.m., Larceny of a motor vehicle license plate, west car dispatched.

Jun 17 Bldg. 41 (77 Vassar St.) 9:00 a.m., Past larceny of laptop.

Jun 30 Bldg. W51 (Burton-Conner House, 410 Memorial Dr.) 12:00 a.m., Larceny by credit card.

Jul  2 Bldg. E55 (60 Wadsworth St.) 3:00 a.m., Bike was stolen from the bike rack. Report taken.

Jul  3 Bldg. 2 (182 Memorial Dr.) 11:00 p.m., Report of a stolen laptop. Dispatched sector three for report.

Jul  5 Delta Kappa Epsilon (403 Memorial Dr.) 12:00 p.m., Report of stolen bicycle.

Jul  9 Bldg. E19 (400 Main St.) 2:00 p.m., Larceny report of a radio, sector one takes report.

Jul 25 Bldg. 16 (21 Ames St.) 1:00 p.m., Report of backpack stolen from office area.

Jul 27 Bldg. 7 (77 Massachusetts Ave.) 3:00 p.m., Larceny of bike. Disaptched sector three for report.

Jul 27 Bldg. 6 (182 Memorial Dr.) 11:15 a.m., Larceny of laptop computer.

Jul 29 Bldg. 18 (21 Rear Ames St.) 4:30 a.m., Past larceny of bicycle from this location. Officer takes report of stolen bike.

Jul 30 Bldg. W51 (Burton-Conner House, 410 Memorial Dr.) 9:00 a.m., Larceny of bicycle wheel in front of W51. Report taken.

Jul 31 Bldg. 56 (21 Ames St.) 9:39 p.m., John T. Sanders, 687 Parker St., Boston MA, arrested for receiving stolen property, and other related charges.

Jul 31 Phi Sigma Kappa (487 Commonwealth Ave.) 3:30 p.m., A laptop was stolen, witness believes he has a description of suspect. Report taken.

Aug  1 Bldg. E19 (400 Main St.) 9:51 a.m., Larceny of tools.

Aug  2 Albany St. and Massachusets Ave. 1:32 p.m., Person states he was just threatened by a homeless person with a shopping cart. Subject located and issued warning.

Aug  3 McDermott Court (20 Ames St.) 8:00 a.m., Larceny of bicycle secured with cable lock. Report taken.

Aug  3 Bldg. 11 (77 Massachusetts Ave.) 5:00 p.m., Malicious destruction to a card reader device. Dispatched sector three takes report.

Aug  3 Bldg. W51 (Burton-Conner House, 410 Memorial Dr.) 6:00 p.m., Bicycle locked with a cable lock stolen.

Aug  4 Bldg. W35 (Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center, 100 Vassar St.) 7:00 p.m., Reports bike was stolen from the W35 bike rack area. Cable lock. Report taken.

Aug  4 Bldg. 8 (21 Ames St.) 12:00 a.m., Report that data was stolen from office. Report taken.

Aug  5 Bldg. E62 (100 Main St.) 6:45 a.m., Larceny of switch breaker, sector one takes report.

Aug  6 Cross St. 4:00 a.m., Report of vehicle broken into, GPS mount on windshield stolen.

Aug  6 Bldg. 1 (33 Massachusetts Ave.) 3:59 p.m., Bicylce that was stolen in Boston last year matches a bicycle locked at the Bldg. 1 bike rack, dispatched sector three to assist.

Aug  8 Bldg. E52 (50 Memorial Dr.) 10:30 a.m., Party reports theft of his iPhone. Sectors one and two responding.

Aug  8 Bldg. 3 (33 Massachusetts Ave.) 8:49 a.m., Party reports receiving suspicious emails.

Aug  8 Bldg. W20 (Student Center, 84 Massachusetts Ave.) 9:05 a.m., Larceny of laptop computer. Report taken.

Aug  8 Bldg. 44 (51 Vassar St.) 4:55 p.m., Larceny of laptop. Sector two takes report.

Aug  8 Bldg. 42 (211 Massachusetts Ave.) 12:00 p.m., Property damage — leaving the scene after causing vehicle damage, Windsor St. lot.

Aug 11 Bldg. 16 (21 Ames St.) 10:15 a.m., Larceny of motorcycle parts.

Aug 11 Bldg. 50 (Walker Memorial, 142 Memorial Dr.) 2:13 p.m., Office broken into.

Aug 12 Bldg. W16 (Kresge Auditorium, 48 Massachusetts Ave.) 10:21 p.m., Student reports being followed from Central Square back to campus by a male in his 20s wearing a blue shirt and shorts. Individual issued trespass warning.

Aug 12 Bldg. 50 (Walker Memorial, 142 Memorial Dr.) 2:54 a.m., Several rooms broken into.

Aug 13 Bldg. 50 (Walker Memorial, 142 Memorial Dr.) 10:00 p.m., Bicycle locked with a cable lock stolen from Walker area.

Aug 14 Bldg. 2 (77 Massachusetts Ave.) 8:15 p.m., Officer encountered suspicious person known to him, in the main group. Arrest of: Fabio Armelio, last known address of 68 Grant St., Medford MA.

Aug 15 Bldg. 2 (182 Memorial Dr.) 5:00 p.m., Laptop stolen from lab area within the last five minutes. Report taken.

Aug 16 Bldg. N10 (High Voltage Research Lab parking lot) 8:00 a.m., Hit and run damage to a vehicle that was parked in the N10 lot. Report taken.

Aug 16 Bldg. 1 (33 Massachusetts Ave.) 12:28 p.m., Larceny of briefcase.

Aug 17 Bldg. 76 (476 Main St. ) 12:55 p.m., Bicycle with cable lock stolen.

Aug 18 Bldg. 3 (33 Massachusetts Ave.) 1:29 a.m., Sector three takes Edward Melo of 6 Hunting St., Cambridge MA, into custody on two outstanding warrants.

Aug 19 Bldg. E19 (400 Main St.) 11:01 p.m., Suspicious person in the 2nd floor area of E19/E17.

Aug 19 Bldg. 9 (105 Massachusetts Ave.) 2:42 p.m., Four suspicious persons stopped attempting to steal bikes.

Aug 20 Bldg. 1 (77 Massachusetts Ave.) 4:11 p.m., Caller reporting theft of credit and bank cards. Report to follow.

Aug 22 Bldg. 76 (476 Main St.) 6:19 p.m., Person reports finding bike that was reported stolen. Police report with serial number verified ownership.

Aug 22 Bldg. E14 (Media lab, 75 Ahmerst St.) 1:48 p.m., Larceny of laptop, report taken.

Aug 22 Bldg. W1 (Maseeh Hall, 305 Memorial Dr.) 10:28 p.m., Larcency of Amazon Kindle. Report taken.

Aug 22 Bldg. NW21 (190 Albany St.) 6:06 a.m., Car 281 responds to rear NW21 on a report of an attempted break into a construction trailer.

Aug 22 Bldg. 64 (21 Ames St.) 7:00 p.m., Larceny of backpack.

Aug 23 Bldg. E25 (45 Carlton St.) 9:19 a.m., Suspicious activity.

Aug 24 Bldg. 32 (Stata Center, 32 Vassar St.) 10:23 a.m., Past larceny of laptop.

Aug 25 Amherst Alley 5:12 p.m., Past report of a suspicious male.

Aug 26 Bldg. N42 (211 Massachusetts Ave.) 5:15 p.m., Past larceny of stolen backpack. Dispatched west car.

Aug 26 Bldg. W61 (macgregor house, 450 Memorial Dr.) 3:35 p.m., Stolen credit card and cash.

Aug 28 Bldg. W79 (Simmons Hall, 229 Vassar St.) 4:16 p.m., Previous encounter with suspicious male mentioned in bulletin.

Aug 28 Massachusetts Ave. and Vassar St. 8:48 p.m., Cambridge police report aggravated assault by persons known to each other.

Aug 29 Bldg. 46 (46 Vassar St.) 10:41 a.m., Larceny of laptop computer.

Aug 30 Bldg. W71 (Next House, 500 Memorial Dr.) 11:17 p.m., Officers stop subject in dining hall, impersonating student. Trespass warning issued.

Aug 30 Bldg. W51 (Burton-Conner House, 410 Memorial Dr.) 5:59 p.m., Report of a high school age male impersonating a college student to stay in dorms. Report to follow.

Compiled by Joseph Maurer.